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Open Call for Global Citizens Challenge

Open Call for Global Citizens Challenge

Deadline: 29-Jan-23

Your Big Year is challenging young leaders across USA, Canada and the world to build positive bridges between diverse cultures! If you want to create long-lasting friendships, learn new skills and make a real impact – Apply for the Your Big Year Global Citizens Challenge!

Your Big Year started 14 years ago with the singular idea that no matter who you are or where you are from in the world, every young person deserves the opportunity to explore the world and learn more about themselves in the process.

Diversity and inclusion has always been at the heart of everything they do, and they’re actively seeking out backgrounds and perspectives that range from the manifold of experiences that relate to what it means to be human. They sincerely encourage you to apply without regard to ancestry, colour, physical or mental disability, place of origin, race, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation. They are looking forward to learning more about your unique identity and cultural heritage – what makes you, you!

Their 4-day Global Citizens Challenge is an online, dynamic program for youth designed to bridge cultural divides, increase engagement with the travel and tourism industry, and provide young people with a transformative, hands-on and collaborative way to meet and work with peers from around the world.

Eligibility Criteria
  • After working with multiple students and teachers across the previous Global Citizens Challenges, they are thrilled to bring back the option of nominating. You can nominate either an entire classroom or an individual student (s). This opportunity allows your students to see other perspectives, collaborate with other students and young people from across the globe and the chance for them to discover more about their own culture too!
  • They will select up to 200 youth (75 based in North America, 125 based worldwide). They seek self-motivated, diverse participants who bring to their work passion, energy and a desire to learn. They don’t measure people by traditional credentials; they are seeking people who align with their values:
    • You value the power of travel (even if you haven’t had the opportunity to travel yet!)
    • You are passionate about making a change
    • You are eager to learn about different cultures directly from peers with different backgrounds
    • You want to work with like-minded people
    • You wish to grow as a young professional in an online experience
    • You wish to grow personally through this opportunity, including understanding yourself and your passions
    • You want to make an impact in your life and in your world!

For more information, visit Global Citizens Challenge.

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