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Open Call for Combination of Capacity-building & Citizens’ Engagement Actions

Open Call for Combination of Capacity-building & Citizens’ Engagement Actions

Deadline: 30-Aug-22

The European Commission (EC) has announced an open call for the Combination of Capacity-building & Citizens’ Engagement Actions.

The principal objective of the call is to encourage and to facilitate the active engagement of a wide network of European citizens around the European Elections 2024.

The European Parliament is looking to co-finance projects articulating a coherent, consistent and cost efficient work programme encompassing two types of actions: to encourage and support citizens, who volunteer to become elections change-makers by organising capacity building actions offline and online, on the one hand, and to engage with citizens through offline and online communication activities on the other.

The Combination of Capacity-building & Citizens’ Engagement Actions consists of:

The design and implementation of capacity building through training and other actions, aiming at providing change-makers with skills, competences, tools and motivation to play an active role in the democratic life and in the promotion of the democratic values, especially by mobilising their community to participate in the European Elections in 2024.
Communication actions or a series of communication actions, offline and/or online, informing citizens about the European elections 2024 and supporting democratic engagement among citizens.
Funding Information
The indicative available budget for this call is EUR 3.000.000.
The maximum EP contribution for an action proposal for Action category 3 with a scope, which is covering 7 Member States is EUR 150,000. This threshold does not apply to action proposals with a scope of 8 Member States or more. The outreach of the action should be balanced between each Member State.
Actions should start at the earliest on 1 December 2022 and should end at the latest on 30 June 2024. The bulk of the communications efforts towards citizens should focus on actions performed during the first half of 2024.
Expected Outcomes
The expected results of the actions financed under this call are:

An increased engagement of European citizens from as diverse public as possible with the construction of a vibrant European democracy, thus encouraging their active involvement as change-makers in the European Elections 2024 communication campaign;
An increased awareness among European citizens from as diverse public as possible about the actions of the European Union and its institutions, in particular the European Parliament;
The establishment of pan-European participatory channels, connecting the European Parliament with its citizens and encouraging their active participation in together.eu, the platform of the European Parliament.
Eligibility Criteria
The actions supported under this call are mono-beneficiary actions. This means that there is one legal entity applying for a grant. Applications presented by consortia are not eligible. To be eligible for a grant, applicants must be able to demonstrate that they are:

A pan-European civil society organisation, a pan-European youth organisation, pan-European trade union, pan-European think tank, pan-European business or trade association or a pan-European professional associations. For the purpose of this call, the concept of pan-European refers:
To either pan-European membership entities which are a formal part of a network of entities sharing common values. Only entities part of a network represented in seven or more Member States can present proposals to this call;
or to entities representing formally the interest of a wide group of member entitiesor individuals from different Member States. Only entitieswith members (organisations or individuals) from seven or more Member States can present proposals to this call.
A legal person constituted and registered as not for profit entity or equivalent according to the national legislation, for at least three years at the time of application;
Based in one of the Member States of the European Union;
Legal person with nonpartisan political affiliation.
For more information, visit https://bit.ly/3xNDLDd

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