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Open Call: Civil society Organizations Such as Governance and Development Actors in Cuba

Open Call: Civil society Organizations Such as Governance and Development Actors in Cuba

Deadline: 24-Jan-23

The European Union (EU) is inviting proposals for the Thematic Program: Civil Society Organizations as Governance and Development Actors.

  • The Overall Objective of this call for proposals is to strengthening the role of civil society organizations in Cuba as actors in the governance and sustainable and inclusive development of the country.
  • The specific objective of this call for proposals is to strengthen the work and effectiveness of CSOs in Cuba in promoting the physical and mental integrity, progress and empowerment of Cuban women and youth.
  • The priorities of this call for proposals relate to the EU’s commitment to an open, fair and inclusive society, which encourages and takes into account the contributions of young people and women. Regarding gender issues, the call is aligned with the second objective of CLIP-Cuba: support concrete actions for economic empowerment; protection against all forms of discrimination and violence; and the participation and leadership of women in all areas of the public sphere in Cuba. In the consultation on GAP III, the CSOs agreed with the priorities established in the CLIP – Cuba.
  • Lot 1: Gender-based violence
    • The EU GAP III and the corresponding implementation plan for Cuba emphasize the elimination of gender violence. The issue of gender equality has also been central in the exchanges between the EU and Cuba in the framework of the dialogues provided for in the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement (ADPC). Through this call, it is intended to contribute to the elimination of gender discrimination and violence in all its forms, in line with the GAP III of the EU and the PAM of the Cuban State.
  • Lot 2: Decent employment for women and youth
    • The MIP 2021-2027 for Cuba prioritizes local sustainable development and the economic modernization of the country, with special emphasis on new forms of management, such as MSMEs. The entrepreneurial and innovative capacity of women and young people is key to the economic revitalization and comprehensive development of the country. Through this call, the aim is to close gender gaps and strengthen the participation of women and young people in the private sector and/or self-employment, with dignified and protected working conditions. The grants will empower women and youth and provide them with technical and financial assistance to empower them to undertake and improve their working conditions and income.
Funding Information
  • Lot 1: Gender-based violence: EUR 1,817,000
  • Lot 2: Decent employment for women and youth: EUR 1,817,000

The subsidies requested within this call for proposals will be between the following minimum and maximum amounts:

  • minimum amount: EUR 600,000
  • maximum amount: EUR 908,500
Types of Actions
  • For lot 1:
    • Sensitization and training of institutional actors and the general population for the prevention of violence in all its forms.
    • Knowledge management
    • Support for local and community experiences of violence prevention and care violence
    • Socio-cultural transformation
    • Closing the inequality gaps, reducing exposure to all forms of gender violence
  • For lot 2:
    • Support for vocational training, job placement and digitization of women and young people
    • Support for the definition and start-up of women’s and youth enterprises.
    • Support for the employability of women and young people, including  self-employment
    • Support for the construction of the National Life Care System
Eligible Shares
  • Actions to be developed in Cuba and that benefit its population;
  • Actions related to one of the two priorities (lots) of the announcement;
  • Duration between 30 and 42 months.
Ineligible Shares
  • Individual aid (for participation in seminars, scholarships)
  • Civil works
  • Actions and capital expenditures (land, buildings, equipment and vehicles);
  • Proselytizing actions;
  • Discriminatory actions against people based on their sex, sexual orientation, political orientation, religion, ethnic origin, etc.
Eligibility Criteria
  • They will participate in the design and implementation of the action, and the costs they incur will be eligible in the same way as those incurred by the lead applicant.
  • Must meet the same eligibility criteria as the main applicant. ÿLocal Authorities or associations of local authorities, established in Cuba or in one of the Member States of the European Union, will also be eligible as co-applicants.
  • They must sign the mandate
  • If the subsidy is awarded, they will become beneficiaries of the action (together with the Coordinator).

Affiliated Entities

  • Structural link (legal or capital) with the main applicant or coapplicants requester.
  • This structural link encompasses:
    • Control over the annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements and other related reports of certain types of companies.
    • Membership, ie the applicant is legally defined or participates in an entity (eg network, federation or association) in which the proposed affiliated entities also participate.
    • The link must have existed independently of this call.
    • Excluding contractors or subcontractors, subsidized third parties, sporadic collaborators
    • Same eligibility criteria as the primary applicant and coapplicants
    • They will not be beneficiaries or signatories of the contract.
  • Number of applications and grants
    • Each main applicant may not submit more than 1 application
    • The main applicant may not be at the same time a co-applicant or affiliated entity in another application.
    • Each co-applicant/affiliated entity may be a co-applicant or
    • Affiliated entity in more than one application per batch.

For more information, visit European Union.

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