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Nuffic Call for Applications for Migration, Security and Stability Program (Tunisia)

Nuffic Call for Applications for Migration, Security and Stability Program (Tunisia)

Deadline: 18-May-21

Nuffic has announced a call for applications for the Migration, Security and Stability Program to strengthen the capacities of the main parties stakeholders in migration governance.

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This call for proposals focuses on migration and the following themes in particular: improve the reception and protection of migrants and refugees, fight against human trafficking, improve migration management and strengthen returns and voluntary and – if necessary – forced reintegration of irregular migrants.

Proposals should also take into account parameters that apply to all other OKP projects such as gender and inclusion issues. The proposals made must also: Align and be complementary to cooperation programs in the field of migration supported by the Netherlands and other technical and financial partners; Promote the use of innovative, digital, interactive learning and training methodologies.

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Proposals should specifically focus on one of the following three objectives:

Improving the training of stakeholders in the development as well as the implementation of migration policies;
Support for the provision of training for government actors concerned by the different aspects of migration policy;
The development of the educational and professional skills necessary for a good governance of migration and related policies
The proposed project must contribute to the following objective:
Contribute to the promotion of just, peaceful and inclusive societies and achieve a legitimate stability (SDG 16).
Funding Information
Maximum funding available for this call (excluding th eco-financing): EUR 150,000
Maximum funding per project collaboration (excluding co-financing): EUR 150,000
The proposed project must contribute to at least one of the following long-term impacts:
Human security: Reduced levels of violence and fear;
Reinforced rule of law: An improvement for citizens of the possibility of accessing their rights through fair, effective, impartial, independent and responsible;
Peace and governance: States, regional and local authorities and societies are in able to prevent and effectively resolve conflicts in a non-violent manner and inclusive;
Social and economic reconstruction: Opportunities for income generation and means of subsistence, to prevent the (re) occurrence of conflicts, instability or irregular migration.
Eligibility Criteria
Grant applicants: The following are eligible as principal applicant for the grant (i) Dutch institutions secondary and / or higher vocational and academic education or (ii) other types of Dutch organizations able to provide training and which also contribute the strengthening of priority themes in the countries appearing on the List of countries are eligible for grants for OKP group training. These institutions must provide the training themselves; intermediary organizations are not eligible. The institutions must have sufficient financial and organizational capacity to conduct training. They can prove it by means of a CECO which is judged positive by Nuffic. Organizations must also demonstrate their experience in providing the desired training.
Target group of group training: To be eligible for a grant for OKP group training, an application must relate to the conduct of training for candidates meeting the criteria following:
Applicants work for one of the following types of national organizations and / or local: ministries, institutions for vocational or secondary academic education or higher, universities, private sector, commissions or NGOs. Applicants cannot work for:
a bilateral or multilateral organization;
a non-governmental organization which operates at the international level and whose the activity is focused on the representation of social interests, such as cooperation in development, protection of nature and the environment, health or rights of man.
Applicants must have the nationality of or reside and work in one of the OKP countries including requests for subsidies for the conduct of the type of group training concerned can be granted.
Candidates should be able to put into practice the knowledge and acquired skills.
For more information, visit https://bit.ly/2R9c9a4

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