Nominations Now Open for the CLEPA Innovation Awards 2023

Nominations Now Open for the CLEPA Innovation Awards 2023

Deadline: 5-May-23

The European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) is seeking nominations for its Innovation Awards to celebrate and recognise the innovative excellence of the European automotive supply industry, and invites, companies, SMEs and start-ups from across the automotive supply ecosystem to submit applications on their latest innovations!

The automotive supply industry is driven by cutting-edge technologies and an innovative mindset. A successful mobility transformation is not possible without the contributions of automotive suppliers. In fact, the mobility-technology industry is one of the most innovative in the EU, with €30 billion invested in R&D each year.

This year’s edition has a special focus on the pioneering achievements supporting the twin Green and Digital transition of Europe.

This contest and flagship event is organised by CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, with the support of Deloitte.

The selected technologies of the 8th edition of the CLEPA Innovation Awards will be unveiled during a special ceremony in Brussels, in October.

  • Digital
    • Connected & Automated Driving
      • (Software-enabled functionalities, Environment-perception sensors, Decision-making, AI, HD mapping, V2X)
    • User-centric Experience
      • (HMI, Multi-sensorial perception, Comfort, Augmented reality, Inclusive vehicle design…)
    • Safety & Security
      • (Crashworthiness, Protection of vehicle occupants, Protection of vulnerable road users, Advanced braking systems)
    • The mobility technology industry is undergoing its biggest transformation in history. The digitalisation of the mobility world includes the development of new systems, software and services, as well as the smartisation of parts and components that are contributing immensely to the overall performance, safety, and quality of a vehicle. New features enabling connectivity and automation are increasingly facilitating the overall experience of personal mobility.
  • Green
    • Electrification and alternative powertrains
      • (Battery technologies, BMS, Fuel-cell systems, Electric motors, Power electronics, EV recharging, Range extenders, On-board fuel storage…)
    • Green services
      • (Battery swapping, Recycling services…)
    • Sustainable product
      • (Materials, Circularity, LCA, Eco-design, Lightweighting, Manufacturing…)
    • The European Union strives to reduce environmental impact as part of global efforts to mitigate climate change and air pollution. The mobility technology industry supports this objective and is contributing to achieving it by delivering technology solutions that advance overall vehicle performance and efficiency, developing parts with more sustainable materials, new systems, and improved powertrains and processes.
Why do organisations apply?
  • Brand Enhancement
    • Winners and nominees receive significant exposure through CLEPA communication channels, and those of the national associations.
  • Recognition
    • Applications will be reviewed by a list of expert jury members and awarded technologies will be presented as top examples on the Innovation platform in front of policymakers and stakeholders.
  • Media Coverage
    • Over the years the awards have brought substantial media coverage for winners and nominees in respected automotive magazines.

For more information, visit CLEPA.

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