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NIB Trust Fund: Open Call for Group/Organization in Canada

NIB Trust Fund: Open Call for Group/Organization in Canada

Deadline: 13-Jan-23

The NIB Trust Fund accepts applications for funding for programs aimed at education, healing and reconciliation, and cultural knowledge building.

The goal of the NIB Trust Fund is to help First Nations, Métis people and communities address the impacts of the Indian residential school’s system, and to provide resourcing to create meaningful opportunities that improve the quality of life for First Nations and Métis people.

Education programs refer to the advancement of an individual’s education and personal development which relate to literacy or trades, as well as programs that relate to the preservation, reclamation, development or understanding of First Nations or Métis history, cultures or languages.

For the purposes of the NIB Trust Fund, educational programs are those provided by education institutions, cultural centers, organizations, communities and individuals/groups, whether short or long-term, informal or formal, or certified or non-certified.

Educational Programs include, but are not limited to, those that:

  • Strengthen education and employment training;
  • Promote First Nations and the Métis languages and cultures; or,
  • Foster community and personal development, including access to counseling and other programs to heal communities from harms caused by the Indian Residential Schools.
Funding Information
  • Currently provincial, regional and community groups can apply for up to $200,000. National groups can apply for up to $400,000.

 How do I access funding through NIB Trust Fund?

  • There is a competitive application process to access funding through NIB Trust Fund.  Funding is available to groups and individuals. There is a separate application process for each.  The Individual application is available online in April of each year, and the Organization application is available online in November of each year.
  •  “Groups” are any First Nation and/or Métis governments and/or communities listed as a “qualified donee” with Canada Revenue Agency at the time of application; OR First Nation and/or Metis non-profit organizations or societies listed as a “qualified donee” with the Canada Revenue Agency at the time of application. This includes other organizations that provide educational programs to First Nation and/or Métis individuals.
  • Groups require specific designations by Canada Revenue Agency:
    • In order for an organization (university, college, or other incorporated entities) to be eligible for funding through NIB Trust Fund, it must have charitable status as acknowledged by Canada Revenue Agency at the time of application.  Provincial designations of charitable status are not acceptable – it must be recognized federally.

What can group applicants use the money for?

  • Eligible expenses for group applicants include:
    • With respect to traditional education programs, Elder fees, guide fees, equipment, supplies, travel, fuel, and other similar incidental costs;
    • Instructional delivery wages and mandatory employment-related costs;
    • Tuition and associated fees;
    • Purchase/development of course materials and supplies;
    • Adaption of current course material to add First Nation/Métis content;
    • Clothing specific to the training requirements (uniforms, steel-toed boots, raingear, etc.);
    • Transportation;
    • Accommodations and Meals;
    • Daycare; and,
    • Other living expenses incidental to the participation in educational programs.
  • Assessment of all applications comply with specific principles and guidelines set out by the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement and the NIB Trust Fund’s Terms and Conditions and Administration Plan.
  • Applications are screened to ensure they’ve been received by deadline and contain all necessary documentation, including eligibility. Only complete applications will be evaluated and forwarded to the Trustees for consideration.
  • Once an application is deemed to be complete it is forwarded to the Selection Committee for assessment and scoring. The Selection Committee makes recommendations to the Trustees on whether applications should be accepted or declined. The applicant will be informed by email or mail of the Board of Trustee’s decision.

What won’t or can’t be funded?

  • The NIB Trust Fund cannot disburse or distribute funding for the following:
    • Supplementation or compensation of an individual’s Common Experience Payment or Personal Credits amount;
    • Claims for compensation;
    • Legal action;
    • Entrepreneurial activities;
    • Capital costs;
    • Activities outside the NIB Trust Fund’s objects;
    • Partisan and/or political activities;
    • Payments for past student loans or debts.

For more information, visit NIB.

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