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NEX-LABS Innovation Vouchers available for Startups and SMEs

NEX-LABS Innovation Vouchers available for Startups and SMEs

Deadline: 30-Sep-23

NEX-LABS project is offering innovation vouchers for entrepreneurs and SMEs based in Cyprus, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Spain, Tunisia.

These vouchers are mainly directed at acquiring the services of external experts for startups and SMEs to gain access to specific knowhow and expertise.

NEX-LABS Objectives
  • To contribute to the creation of a sustainable and resilient agro-food sector based on NEXUS driven Open Living Labs (NDOLL) approach, thus strengthening technology transfer, cooperation between industry-academia, increasing commercialization opportunities and innovation-driven growth.
    • Who will benefit?
      • 21 public institutions such as ministries and national agencies
      • 35 research centers or universities
      • 60 SMEs
      • 35 entities of the entrepreneurship ecosystem such as companies/ technology transfer organizations/technological parks/venture capital/business angels
      • 35 entities collaborating to the public debate such as communication multipliers/think tanks, civil society organizations
    • Expected achievements
      • 2 NEXUS-Driven Open Living Labs established
      • 4 business ideas benefiting from acceleration grants
      • 16 testing and 42 acceleration vouchers allocated
      • A summer school celebrated with the participation of 50 entrepreneurs
      • 6 spin-offs established with 6 co-patents registered
      • A job bank launched
      • 8 joint research contracts signed
What this voucher can cover?
  • Thanks to this vouchers startups ad SMEs will have access to external potential expertise in:
    • Process development
    • Business modeling
    • Technology
    • IPR
    • Strategy
    • Marketing
    • Industry linkages
    • Exporting
    • Regulations
What this voucher will not cover?
  • Retaining staff or directors
  • R&D costs
  • Software licenses or development
  • Awarding will be on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Start date: 03 September 2020
  • End date: 02 December 2023
Target Audience
  • Cyprus: Entrepreneurs and SMEs operating in Cyprus, the whole country is eligible.
  • Italy: Entrepreneurs and SMEs operating in the following eligible regions in Italy: Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Lazio, Liguria, Puglia, Sardegna, Sicilia, Toscana. Adjoining regions: Abruzzo, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Molise, Piemonte, Umbria.
  • Egypt: Entrepreneurs and SMEs operating in the following eligible regions in Egypt:
    • Marsa Matruh, Al Iskandanyah, Al Buhayrah, Kafr ash Shaykh, Ad Daqahliyah, Dumyat, Ash Sharquiyah, Al Isma’iliyah, Bur Sa’id, Shamal Sina’.
  • Jordan: Entrepreneurs and SMEs operating in the following eligible regions in Jordan:
    • Al-Aqaba, Al-Balga, Al-Karak, Al-Tafilah, Irbid, Madaba
Adjoining regions: Ajlun, Al-Mafraq, Amman, Az Zarqa’ Jarash, Ma’an.
  • Lebanon: Entrepreneurs and SMEs operating in Lebanon, the whole country is eligible.
  • Spain: Entrepreneurs and SMEs operating in the following eligible regions in Spain:
    • Andalucía, Cataluña, Ceuta, Comunidad Valenciana, Islas Baleares, Melilla, Murcia Adjoining regions: Aragon, Castilla-La-Mancha, Extremadura.
  • Tunisia: Entrepreneurs and SMEs operating in the following eligible regions in Tunisia:
    • Ariana, Béja, Ben Arous, Bizerte, Gabès, Jendouba, Mahdia, Médenine, Monastir, Nabeul, Sfax, Sousse, Tunis.
    • Adjoining regions: Gafsa, Kairouan, Kebili, Le Kef, Manouba, Sidi Bouzid, Siliana, Tataouine, Zaghouan.
Eligibility Criteria
  • You are in an eligible area.
  • You represent a startup/SME, or an early-stage project that is anticipated to become a startup/spinout in the future.
  • The voucher, if awarded, is aligned with NEX-LABS objectives.
  • Your product/service is in the fields of water, energy, or food.
  • Your product/service represents a clear or potential NEXUS approach.
  • Your product/service addresses an important economic, environmental, or social need in the WEF-NEXUS context (e.g., resource efficiency, gender empowerment, resource allocation, community inclusion, yield increase, etc.).
  • Your business appears credible with growth potential.
  • Your product/service represents added value.
  • Your product/service represents an actual product or service that is already offered to the market or is near commercialization.
  • The proposed consulting service appears to be attainable within the budget allocated
  • The implementing partner can procure the proposed consulting service through the applicable procurement processes.
  • Implementing the consulting service is likely to have an impact in the business by promoting growth, exports, partnership formation, capital injection, academia collaboration, or commercialization.

For more information, visit NEX-LABS.

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