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NCBA CLUSA is currently recruiting

NCBA CLUSA is currently recruiting the personnel listed below for the anticipated five-year USAID Senegal Go­vernance for Local Development (GOLD) Activity. The GOLD activity will aim to serve as a USAID platform for tackling local governance, citizen-state relations, and ac­countability concerns that are common across all USAID/Senegal program areas. Please note, these are contract positions pending award from USAID :

Monitoring & Evaluation/Knowledge Management (M&E/KM) Specialist – The M&E/KM Specialist is respon­sible for overseeing the program’s performance in ali­gnment with the M&E plan. S/he is responsible for designing and leading baseline, mid-term, and end of project evaluations and managing the M&E and KM sys­tem. S/he will lead staff and stakeholders in collecting data, data quality management, and analyses. S/he is also responsible for writing routine M&E reports that outline program performance” and will make recommen­dations for improved program performance based on indicator data. Specific requirements: Experience wor­king-with a governance-related project and experience utilising participatory methods of M&E strongly prefer­red.   .

Citizen Engagement Specialist – The Citizen Engage­ment Specialist will be responsible for engaging stake­holders in target collectivités locales (CL) in the local governance processes including advocacy, lobbying, vo­ting and participation as well as educating citizens on the roles and responsibilities of elected and appointed CL officials.

Local Government Capacity Building (LGCB) Specialist

The LGCB Specialist will be responsible for strengthe­ning the capacity of locally elected and appointed offi­cials in the areas of decentralized planning, taxation, budget, communication, CL administration, service de­livery, etc.

Local Government Transparency & Accountability (LGTA) Specialist – The LGTA Specialist will be responsible for strengthening transparent processes for local go­vernment and building their capacity to accountably manage resources for local service delivery (health, edu­cation, water/sanitation and agriculture) and to be res­ponsive to the needs of constituents and civil society.

Communications Specialist – The Communications Specialist will be responsible for developing a commu­nications strategy and plan for the GOLD activity. S/he will prepare reports, success stories, and promotional materials sharing program activities, results, educational materials and events through various media (press, print, video, websites, and social media). Experience in social media and behavior change communication pre­ferred.

  • For each of the positions, the following requirements apply:
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in a si­milar position
  • Minimum Bac +5 years education in a relevant aca­demic area
  • Fluency in French required; Proficiency in English strongly preferred
  • USAID experience preferred
  • Ability to work as part of a team and under pressure
  • Ability to travel extensively within the country for extended periods

Interested and qualified candidates may apply for any of the listed positions by submitting their CV along with a cover letter to clusainternationaIjobs@gmail.com by 1 April 2016. Please include the position title for which you are applying in the subject line of the email. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer of protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. Women are encouraged to apply.

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