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Modec recruits 01 Personnel Logistics Analyst

Modec recruits 01 Personnel Logistics Analyst

We are looking for a Personnel Logistics Analyst to work in our office based in Dakar – Senegal

Overall Job Purpose

Responsible for programming and providing necessary logistics arrangements for onboarding/offboarding of Modec’s employees and for corporate trips, focusing on cost-benefit optimization and urgent demands management. Also provide to HR Manager relevant inputs on budget preparation (AWP&B). While on duty, being available to be contacted by the personnel whenever required.

Core Responsibilities

  • Execute the booking of logistics services (aerial, hotel, ground transportation) related to the onboarding/offboarding of the crew and corporate travels, seeking for the best costs x benefits solutions.
  • Understand and follow company’s guides and process standards related to Personnel Logistics Department, executing the purchase of travel arrangements related to the onboarding/offboarding and corporate travels, seeking for the best costs x benefits solutions.
  • Execute logistics arrangements demands in case of emergencies, by chartering extraordinary airplanes,boats, booking and cancelling employees’ logistics (air/ground transportation and hotel) if included/removed from POB planning.
  • Verify, process and clarify all MODEC team travel requests
  • Guarantee the alignment and communication with the Planning team and the involved employees about the onboarding/offboarding planning and emergency replanning.
  • Ensure that the logistics arrangements are booked and scheduled according to the POB planning.
  • Guarantee that information related to logistics arrangements are properly updated in the necessary systems (such as Drake and Kissflow);
  • Respect the deadlines stablished to provide the logistics arrangements according to MODEC’s procedures.
  • Perform duty related to his/her activities, having the rules been stablished in the HR Policy.
  • Execute the booking of logistics for crew transfer, support in any resolution regarding people and port entrance for embarkation.

Work Relationships

As per indication on the Organizational Chart, available in the Integrated Management System (IMS).

Qualifications & Experiences

Educational Qualification

Bachelor’s degree in Logistics, Supply Chain, Administration or Tourism or in a related field strongly preferred.

Relevant Experience

Minimum 5 year of overall experience with logistic, administrative and purchase issues is expected. Previous experience in Offshore/Onshore Oil & Gas area is a competitive edge.

Job Challenges and Problem Solving

  • Emergencies management due to the high-level organization required by the department.
  • Clear communication with Planning team to align what purchases are required, due to the high number of constant changes and unforeseen.
  • Work under pressure, being able to deliver the demands within the stablished deadlines.

Key Behaviors

  • Strategic vision – Clarity of the vision and the goals of the company when analyzing contexts and scenarios in a broad and complete manner, considering the impacts for MODEC in short, mid and long terms. It involves ensuring that responsibilities are linked to the previously defined strategies.
  • Leadership – Ability to conduct, motivate and develop people to achieve goals established by the organization.
  • Team building – Implementation of a collaborative work culture, where the focus on integration optimizes group performance. It involves work in an integrated manner, allowing employees to consolidate the action planning, to visualize data and to align information. It includes sharing agendas, ideas, information and knowledge to obtain the best results possible and to achieve established goals.
  • Decision making – Readiness for solving a problem or managing a situation, presenting the necessary level of flexibility when the situation dictates. It involves evaluating all variables in the decision-making process in order to choose the most efficient action. It includes considering uncertainties, adversities and ambiguities when analyzing consequences and impacts of the business, results, people and environment decisions.
  • Safety oriented – Activity execution, focusing on non-conformity prevention and accidents. It involves compliance to norms, laws, regulations, procedures, technical specifications and equipment.
  • Innovation – To challenge the status to allow the development of necessary transformations that will put the company in higher levels of competitiveness. To direct actions for the implementation of feasible and creative solutions.
  • Sense of ownership – Attitude of implementing a mindset of feeling and acting as a “business owner” when seeing the success of the company as something that is interesting for everybody. It involves having the responsibility, trying to achieve the greater good for the organization.
  • Focus on customer – Operation focused on ensuring that people and areas act in order to satisfy the customers’ needs (internal and external).
  • Results oriented – High degree of commitment with his/her job, as well as delivering defined outcomes, removing possible obstacles with persistence and energy. It involves administering priorities, meeting dealing and being careful about the quality of deliveries.
  • Communication – Way a professional interacts with others, aiming to share knowledge and to align the necessary information for the viability of the corporate business. It involves making trades, both inside and outside the team, creating synergy amongst people involved.
  • Planning and organization – Elaboration of plans that allow for meeting related areas’ needs with quality and within the deadline.


Fluent French, English and needed local languages.


Intermediate Microsoft Office package knowledge is required. Previous Power BI and Drake knowledge is a competitive edge. SAP

Deadline for Applications: April 24th, 2022.Postuler

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