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MISTRA’s Societal Transformations for Climate Action Research Program – Sweden

MISTRA’s Societal Transformations for Climate Action Research Program – Sweden


The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (MISTRA) is inviting research groups, jointly with civil society organizations, the public sector and other stakeholders, to submit proposals for Societal Transformations for Climate Action research programme.

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The purpose of this call is to facilitate societal transformation for climate action through research and innovation. In line with Mistra’s statutes, the research programme shall be of strategic environmental importance.

The current research programme should focus on strategic environmental issues crucial for the urgent societal transformation towards a fossil-free economy, with an emphasis on civil society, equality and digitalisation for climate action. The programme should be clearly connected to the Paris Agreement, the Green Deal and more broadly to sustainable development.

Relevance and anticipated impacts of the research programme must be described in the programme proposal and should be presented visually in a one-page appendix using impact logic.

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The emphasis of the programme should be on Swedish societal transformations for climate change, but a broader EU level and/or international perspective should also be included.

Focus Areas

Civil society: When addressing this focus area, it is necessary to clearly show under which circumstances and in which situations civil society can contribute to climate change mitigation with an objective of equality and social justice.
Equality: The potentially strong tensions between measures to combat climate change and equality need to be investigated and addressed.
Digitalisation: Digitalisation brings both opportunities and risks for climate change mitigation, and these must be placed within a broader context in order to ensure sustainable future societies.
Funding Information
Expected programme budget: A total of SEK 40 million over four years.
Mistra’s financial contribution: A maximum of SEK 40 million.
Length of research proposal: Maximum of 40 pages + appendices (CV and certificate from programme host).
Eligibility Criteria

Deadline Free Grants
The call addresses research groups in all academic disciplines working at Swedish higher education institutions and research institutes, as well as stakeholders such as civil society organisations, public sector and businesses.
Researchers and organisations active outside Sweden may participate, but the principal applicant and planned programme host must be a Swedish institution.
Only legal entities can apply for funding.
The host institution and other organisations taking part are expected to be coordinated in a consortium and to submit a joint proposal.
For more information, visit https://www.mistra.org/en/research/societal-transformations-for-climate-action/

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