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Médecins Sans Frontières recruits 01 Head of Middle East Unit

Médecins Sans Frontières recruits 01 Head of Middle East Unit (based in Amman)


Médecins Sans Frontières is an international independent medical-humanitarian organization, which offers assistance to populations in distress, to victims of natural or man-made disasters and to victims of armed conflict, without discrimination and irrespective of race, religion, creed or political affiliation.
The MSF movement is built around five operational directorates supported by MSF’s 24 sections, 24 associations and other offices together worldwide. MSF OCBA is one of those directorates. The operations are implemented by field teams and the mission coordination teams; The field operations are guided and supported by the OCBA Network, consciously evolving towards a network configuration with a growing number of MSF partners and better split among important regional humanitarian hubs. Today the Operational Centre Barcelona-Athens (OCBA) has 5 Operational cells (2 in Barcelona, 1 in Nairobi, 1 in Dakar and 1 in Amman) and an Emergency Unit and other departments supporting operations based in Barcelona.

OCBA constellation network favors the decentralization of both line management and support in regional units that:
 Develop and maintain a management structure and support environment that are attuned to environments where operations are implemented
 Capacitate operations to function in contexts of humanitarian demand in order to improve the interpretation and forecast of humanitarian needs and in designing and delivering humanitarian action
 Increase reactivity to respond to needs given a specific agile and effective decision-making process
 Improve the capacity to decide, act, support and follow-up operations when necessary
 Enable increased operational output in the mid-term: more operations (boosted capacity) for more survivors of crisis and more relevant health options for our patients
 Deliver higher quality and relevant operations fed by diverse thinking and meaningful partnerships and strengthen our collaboration with other medical, civil society and humanitarian actors
 Improve our capacity to advocate for positive changes for the populations we assist
 Enhance dialogue with key stakeholders to improve access and security
 Allow the organization to evolve in scope and quantity of programs

The Middle East Unit (MEU)’s objective is to strengthen MSF operational relevance, capacity and influence in the Middle East to respond to the humanitarian needs of the populations in the region.

The MEU objectives are:
1. Support the management of regional operational portfolio by an integrated team decentralized in Amman.
2. Become a resource/knowledge hub by providing contextually adapted Med/Ops support to MSF operations in the Middle East through a diverse team of senior advisors
3. Develop comprehensive regional specific packages of care for people affected by violence, promoting innovation and collaboration with others, the field of Remote support in conflicts, Telemedicine, Health Surveillance, Epidemiology, Anthropology and community engagement, Mental health, Sexual violence, Learning, Advocacy and Partnership.
4. Gain political influence with key stakeholders and absorb what the region has to offer in terms of know-how, technical innovation, organizational modeling and resources.
5. Developing advocacy and lobby towards key political and humanitarian players to improve general assistance to population in the region.
6. Increasing not only the visibility of MSF in the region, but also improving the general understanding of MSF’s work & principles by specific target groups in civil society.
7. Develop a pool of MSF staff from and for the Middle East.
8. Increase the technical capacity of staff members of MSF and other medical organizations through Learning, development and exchange
9. Promote the improvement of the quality of humanitarian interventions in the Middle East through operational research and support to innovative initiatives.
10. Promote dialogue and mutual learning with humanitarian and medical actors in the Middle East through partnership and the organization of conferences, workshops and roundtables.
11. Contribute to the building of a shared MSF Regional med/ops support Network benefiting to all MSF operations in the region

Current OCBA Structure in Amman:
The Middle East Unit is a decentralized structure created to support the quality of operations in the region and beyond, connecting as well to OCBA global portfolio. Its includes:
 The OCBA Operational Cell 1 (Middle East) directly manage by an Operations Cell Manager, that has a current portfolio including Turkey, Syria, Palestine and Yemen.
 The CAHM (Center for the Advancement of Humanitarian Medicine); directly managed by the Head of MEU, that includes advisory positions providing technical and operational support to the field missions: Currently Health Surveillance team (A Program Manager and an Epidemiologist), a Mental Health Referent and a regional technician, a Telemedicine Coordinator and a Psychiatrist, a Sexual Violence regional advisor, an Arabic Medical Translator and a Networking advisor
 A MEU administration team (A Finance/HR Manager, an admin assistant, a liaison officer, a cleaner) managed by the Head of MEU

The Head of Middle East Unit works in matrix:
 He/she is under the umbrella and management of the General Direction Office
 He/she strategizes, partners and coordinates strongly with the Operations Cell Manager
 He/she maintains co-creation & mutual accountability with Operations though active contacts & strategic discussions with Field Teams, Cell and Operations Department
 He/she maintains co-creation & mutual accountability with Medical department and other key support departments.

MSF OCBA has important ambitions for the MEU and is currently reviewing its Support Model. The Head of Unit will be fully part of these strategic developments. Some of the tasks and responsibilities below may be subject to change accordingly.
1) Strategy vision and planning
 The Head of MEU ensures continuous development and evolution of the Unit as a cornerstone MSF OCBA in the Middle East by gaining influence with key stakeholders and absorbing what the region has to offer in terms of know-how, technical innovation and resources.
 Participates in key strategic institutional and operational moments and actively contribute to the reflection and critical analysis on medical and humanitarian challenges, stakes and practices of MSF.
 He/she proposes and develops the long-term vision, strategies and policies to ensure that the MEU Unit evolves according to operational needs and the social mission. He/she is responsible for the implementation of the strategic planning of the unit for the coming years.
 Contribute to strategic discussions regarding OCBA’s operational relevance, organizational opportunities and risks, interests and challenges, steering change management for appropriate vision, structure, functions and processes
 Ensures constant constructive challenge and alternatives to centralized procedures, protocols, strategies and policies which could be more effective if decentralized and contextualized
2) Leadership and General management
 Manages the MEU team in carrying out the activities necessary to achieve the goals of MSF OCBA for the regional office. The scope of these activities will potentially expand as the unit responds to operational needs and regional opportunities.
 Supervises directly the CAHM & Administration teams and support all efforts to ensure that the different teams and individuals from the different OCBA networks (BCN departments, Amman Cell, Field, other regional units) are aligned, coordinated and that a proper working environment is maintained.
 Promotes change culture, especially on people centered approach, gender, diversity, partnership lens – for organizational and operations domains
 Guarantees overall functioning of the MEU: Ensures final budget responsibility and control, administrative and legal presence.
 Recruits, manages and supports directly manage 13 persons and overall coordinate an office of 20+, in creating a conducive and supportive work atmosphere, free from discriminations and abuses
3) Networking, Partnership, Representation and Advocacy
 Guarantees the influence, sound reputation, coherent identity, image of MSF OCBA in front of external stakeholders.
 Is responsible for the development of mapping, networks engagement and partnerships in the region that are considered opportune for the social mission, especially in all the technical topics related to Med/Ops support (ex: Sexual Violence, Mental Health, Innovation, health surveillance, quality and researches etc…)
 Provide strategic support for impactful Temoignage and Advocacy initiatives in the region
 Acts as spokesperson for MSF’s public communication when required.
4) Strategic Coordination with MSF movement in the region
 Co-lead MSF intersectional partnership in Amman to develop a common MSF Regional Med/Ops support Network, People and Coms, in close collaboration with others MSF Units in Amman, and with MSF Beirut and MSF Dubai, benefiting to all MSF operations in the region: Project called MIRSA= MSF Intersectional Regional Support in Amman – in Arabic مرساة
 Is a key member of MSF Intersectional HCA Board (Host Country Agreement in Jordan) – working constructively at its full implementation for the benefits of solid MSF presence in Jordan & as a pillar for stable regional presence


 Significant operational experience in the humanitarian field of work (with MSF is an asset), including extensively in the MENA region
 Senior leadership and management experience at a strategic level (minimum 5 years), especially on change management and negotiations
 Solid understanding of the politics, social determinants and humanitarian challenges of the Middle East
 Bring existing networks from the region (civil society, movements, academics, political)
 Fluency in written and spoken Arabic and English
 Basic computer knowledge and skills: word, excel.

 Medical degree
 Master in Public Health, Public Policy, International Relations or related field

 Commitment to MSF’s Principles
 Cross-cultural Awareness
 Strategic Vision
 Results and Quality Orientation
 Negotiations skills
 Service Orientation
 Planning and Organization
 Initiative and Innovation
 Teamwork and Cooperation
 Responsible Leadership
 People Management and Development
 Networking and Building Relationships

 Position based in Amman
 Minimum commitment: 2 years (extendable to 4)
 Full time job
 Salary, housing and other secondary benefits based on MSF OCBA Reward Policy.
 Starting date: November/December 2020

MSF OCBA is a people-focused humanitarian organization that offers a diverse, collaborative, and inclusive work environment. We believe this approach enhances our work and we are committed to equity in employment. We embrace diverse backgrounds of people working together to exhibit their passion in action for the social mission of MSF.
Médecins Sans Frontieres, as a responsible employer, under article 38 of “Ley de Integración Social del Minusválido de 1982 (LISMI)” invite those persons with a recognized disability and with an interest in the humanitarian area to apply for the above-mentioned position.

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