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Luton Youth Fund of up to euro 50k– United Kingdom

Luton Youth Fund of up to euro 50k– United Kingdom

Deadline: 23-Oct-20

Luton Youth Fund is now welcoming Applicants. It is a fund managed by Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation and funded by London Luton Airport Ltd in partnership with Luton Borough Council.

Seed Grants
London Luton Airport Ltd (LLAL) and Luton Borough Council (LBC) are working in partnership to improve the quality of life of the people of Luton and ensuring that the focus of the Luton Investment Framework (LIF) to raise aspirations and drive improvements to health and well-being creates opportunities for all residents.

Therefore, the aim of this refocused fund is to ensure that they are delivering effective programmes and services to vulnerable children and young people involved in activities as a result of exploitation and ensuring we are taking all the opportunities available to minimize the risk of exploitation in the first instance.


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The fund is targeted to maintain programmes for tackling the following:

The exploitation of children and young people such as gang associated behavior, serious youth violence or sexual exploitation, which encompasses a multi-agency approach.
This fund is aimed at supporting young people aged between 11 and 25 across Luton. Bids are assessed by a panel made up of adults and young people from Luton with an interest in youth work. All successful applicants will be expected to be able to assess the impact of their work very clearly.
Funding Streams

The fund is divided into 4 streams as follows:

Funding up to £1,500.
Grants of £1,500 are available to help small organizations working on specific issues under the above criteria. This element is aimed at building the confidence of small groups so that they can expand their work and join with others in addressing the issues facing young people.
Funding up to £10,000.
This second stream allows for grants of up to £10,000 to be made to more established groups working on the issues under the above criteria.
Funding up to £20,000.
This third stream allows for grants of up to £20,000 made to substantial projects that are able to deliver significant predicted outcomes and demonstrate multi-agency partnership working whilst delivering effective programmes and services to vulnerable children and young people.
Funding up to £50,000
The fourth stream is a larger project fund offering awards up to £50,000. Only a few awards per year are likely to be made from this stream each year and so bids must be able to show real understanding of the key issues facing children and young people in Luton and how they might be resolved.
Eligibility Criteria

They are only able to consider applications from not-for-profit constituted groups that have clear charitable aims. Applications from the following types of organizations/groups will be considered:

Registered UK charities, including charitable incorporated organizations;
Constituted Community groups and non-registered charities;
Companies Limited by Guarantee with clear charitable aims and without share capital;
Community Interest Companies Limited by Guarantee without share capital, social enterprises and community benefit societies ((please review our guidance around CIC’s and Social Enterprises before applying).

This fund is not open for applications from:

Organizations in receipt of funding from another London Luton Airport Funding stream, unless additional funding requested was for a different activity and clearly demonstrated as such;
Statutory bodies or obligations of statutory bodies., except where an application is made by either a charitable arm of such a body;
National charities or their affiliates that are not providing clear local benefits;
Community Interest Companies limited by Shares;
Organizations or activities that promote political parties or the propagation of religion or conduct of worship. (Religious organizations may apply for funding for non-denominational activities that demonstrate wider public benefit.);
Organizations or activities which are inconsistent with public policy, for example, the promotion of terrorism or of sectarian interests.
Work that cannot be supported

Projects/initiatives not benefitting the community of Luton;
General appeals or sponsorship;
Paid for marketing and advertising;
Fees for professional fundraisers;
Interest payments (including service charge payments for finance leases);
Statutory fines, criminal fines, or penalties;
Work normally funded from statutory sources or undertaken by or on behalf of statutory bodies;
Work undertaken by/ on behalf of schools, colleges or universities as part of their statutory curricular activities;
Work for the advancement of religion;
Work where the main beneficiaries are animals;
Overseas holidays/trips or fundraising events;
Retrospective grants i.e. for items already purchased or activity that has already started.
For more information, visit https://www.blcf.org.uk/luton/LYF.php

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