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Lendlease Foundation Community Grants Program in Malaysia and Singapore

Lendlease Foundation Community Grants Program in Malaysia and Singapore

Deadline: 20-Jan-23

The Lendlease Foundation is seeking applications for its Community Grants Asia to support local community-based organizations, charities and social enterprises in Malaysia and Singapore working on community development and climate change programs.

The Foundation’s target of creating $250 million of social value through shared value partnerships and the Community Grants programme is their commitment to make a positive impact on people’s lives, that go above and beyond any project or asset contractual obligations

Focus Areas
  • Organizations that wish to apply must address a community need in one or more of the following Lendlease Sustainability Framework focus areas:
    • Economic Prosperity
      • Skilling & Training;
      • Inclusive Employment.
    • Community Inclusion
      • Community Resilience;
      • Housing/Homelessness.
    • Well-being
      • Mental Health Support;
      • Physical Health Support.
    • Resources and Materials
      • Circularity.
    • Climate Change & Action
      • Renewable Energy;
      • Environmental Justice.
    • Nature and Pollution
      • Nature-based Solutions;
      • Biodiversity.
Grant Information
  • This year, They will be awarding 7 grants: 3 in Singapore and 4 in Malaysia. Each grant is valued at 20,000 in local currency;
  • The grant is awarded based on the scope of activities as indicated in the application form. Activities are to be completed within 12 months from the grant disbursement date.
Eligibility Criteria
  • The Lendlease Foundation Community Grant Program is open for application from registered local charities, social enterprises, and community/non-governmental organisations operating in Malaysia and/or Singapore.
  • Applicants must meet the following conditions at the time of the application and throughout the grant period. Only eligible applications will be considered for further evaluation.
    • Organisations that are legally registered with relevant authorities in either Malaysia or Singapore as a social enterprise, not-for-profit organisations, charity organisations and community-based groups that work directly with the stakeholders.
    • In selected cases, the grant may be channelled to organisations registered in a foreign jurisdiction but that carry out programs in Malaysia or Singapore impacting the local community.
    • Has a clear social mission to create positive social impact towards their beneficiaries and communities at large.
    • Be mission aligned with one or more of Lendlease Foundation’s environment or social value impact areas
    • Be directly responsible for management and implementation of the grant activities and not be acting as an intermediary or proxy.
  • Applicants must be transparent in their organisation’s financial, management and internal processes
  • The grant does not support organisations with the following proposed activities.
    • Engaged or be part of illegal activities as prescribed by local law
    • Have private benefits for members;
    • Apply to fund ongoing operating costs, ongoing wages, fundraising activities, or other operational expenses;
    • Directly promote a particular religious or spiritual philosophy. Support to faith-based groups must be focused on welfare and community service activities that are not religious in nature;
    • Undertake projects or initiatives that compromise public safety and/or are discriminatory in any way;
    • Are government projects or entities;
    • Are for political purposes;
    • Apply to fund a retrospective request – to repay costs already incurred.

For more information, visit Lendlease Foundation.

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