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Learning Disabilities Foundation of America’s Grant Program

Learning Disabilities Foundation of America’s Grant Program


The Learning Disabilities Foundation of America is seeking applications for its Grant program that respond to an unmet need in the field of learning disabilities and to create, discover, and stimulate innovative services to meet those needs. Funds are granted for charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes or for the identification, ongoing evaluation, education of, and services for children and adults with learning disabilities.

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The Learning Disabilities Foundation of America is a tax-exempt public charity established in 1979 by the Learning Disabilities Association of America. The Trustee, BNY Mellon Bank, Pittsburgh, PA, holds and invests the Foundation’s property and distributes the net income and principal as directed by the Foundation’s Board of Managers.

Project Areas

Innovative research into the causes, the prevention, and/or the alleviation of learning disabilities
Distinctive public awareness programs to advance public understanding of the needs of persons with learning disabilities
Innovative programs to advance the achievement of persons with learning disabilities, increase the support skills of their families, support academic and professional advisors, and enhance the understanding of learning disabilities by their colleagues and employer
Eligibility Criteria

View and receiving grant information
Projects of national impact and projects that may be replicated are given preference.
Grants will not be made for routine organizational expenses (ex. Salaries, Overhead), capital campaigns, endowment funds. The exception of certain funds restricted for use by the LD Association of America.
Grants will not be made to individuals or for individual scholarships.
The Board of Managers of the Foundation may request an interview with the primary facilitator and/or site visit, in addition to the written grant application.
Grants of Learning Disabilities Foundation can only be made to an organization within the United States or any of its possessions exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code and contributions to which are tax-deductible.
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