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”la Caixa” Foundation announces Call for Applications for “Housing for Social Inclusion” (Spain)

”la Caixa” Foundation announces Call for Applications for “Housing for Social Inclusion” (Spain)

Deadline: 21 May 2020

The ”la Caixa” Foundation has announced a call for applications for “Housing for Social Inclusion” to collaborate with organisations that offer comprehensive care in their programmes of residential inclusion to promote social inclusion and an independent lifestyle for people with disabilities or those in a socially vulnerable situation.

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This call for applications aims to help overcome the housing challenges faced today by the most vulnerable people by promoting residential inclusion and independent living through comprehensive programs focusing on people to encourage empowerment and personal independence.

Areas of Action

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Temporary residential resources for people undergoing social inclusion.
Temporary residential resources for people with a physical disability or mental disorder.
Funding Information

75% of the cost of the project:
Up to €40,000 for projects presented by a single organisation.
Up to €60,000 for projects presented jointly and via a partnership made up of two or more organisations.
Eligibility Criteria

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The entities that can be submitted to the call are:
Non-profit entities
Entities of the social economy whose main objective, explicitly indicated in their statutes, be it the social interest or social cohesion
Public administrations or autonomous bodies
The requirements for entities, both managers and partnerships, are:
Be accredited in the Calls portal and designate a person responsible for the request management.
Be registered in the corresponding administrative register, domiciled in Spanish territory, and develop the project presented in Spain.
Have your own NIF.
Have statutes and an age of one year from its constitution.
In the case of delegations, they may be presented independently, provided that prove their formal, functional and organic autonomy:
Being explicitly recognized in the statutes of the parent entity. Otherwise, must provide the supporting documentation, signed by a legal representative of the parent entity.
Have autonomous operation with respect to the parent entity, with its own structure and own governance body, signed by a managerial position of the delegation.
Have an own budget and differentiated from the parent entity, signed by a managerial position of the delegation.
Have a minimum operating age as a delegation of one year.
For more information, visit https://obrasociallacaixa.org/en/la-caixa-foundation-call-for-applications-housing-social-inclusion

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