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Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust announces CFPs for Northern Ireland

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust announces CFPs for Northern Ireland

Deadline: 13-Nov-20

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT) has announced a call for proposals for Northern Ireland.

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Its vision is of a Northern Ireland with the following characteristics:

a constitutional settlement which takes account of the range of political views of the people of Northern Ireland, Britain, and the Republic of Ireland and which is underpinned by the principles and values of participation, human rights, and equality
a non-sectarian political culture which is inclusive, transparent, responsive, and accountable
effective processes and mechanisms for managing societal and political conflict without recourse to violence
a respectful and inclusive public discourse about the Troubles, which promotes a shared understanding of the root causes of past violence, and a public policy framework which facilitates truth, justice, and reconciliation
a vibrant, pluralist, and activist civil society, responsive to the needs of the most vulnerable and able to hold the government to account.
Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust is interested in funding work which:

addresses the root causes of violence and injustice, rather than alleviating symptoms
cannot be funded from other sources
is likely to make a long-term, strategic difference
addresses injustices around the intersections of gender, ethnicity, and class.
Funding Priorities

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Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust has identified the following priority areas:

Strengthening human rights and equality: This includes work to secure and monitor implementation of human rights commitments by the state, work which strengthens a culture of human rights, as well as new initiatives on economic, social, and cultural rights.
Supporting inclusive, non-sectarian and participatory politics: This includes initiatives which strengthen the voices of marginalized groups in public policy-making, foster positive, non-violent approaches to expressing and managing political difference, and which cultivate the independence of the community and voluntary sectors. In this area, the Trust is particularly interested in supporting work that promotes increased participation of women in politics, and also greater inclusivity in political decision-making and policy work.
Supporting processes of demilitarisation: This includes initiatives that encourage groups engaged in armed struggle to take steps towards exclusively non-violent strategies and to engage in comprehensive processes of transition to civilian life.
Dealing with the Past: The Trust is concerned primarily with work that promotes a shared understanding of the root causes of past violence, or which encourages the government to implement initiatives to address the legacy of violence at a societal level.
Responding to the dual harms of Covid-19 and systemic racism: At this time of crisis, Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust is keen to support work that responds to the dual harms of the Covid-19 pandemic and systemic racism. Specifically, they wish to encourage work that scrutinizes the responses and policies of powerful institutions and actors, and which envisions and builds support for transformative social change based on justice, peace, and sustainability, including work which:
Scrutinizes and challenges any systemic inequalities, injustices, or abuses of power arising in Northern Ireland the context of Covid-19.
Responds to the Covid-19 crisis by building support for progressive reforms that strengthen a culture of human, economic, social, and cultural rights.
Creates opportunities for black and minority ethnic people to organize around new forms of inclusive, participatory politics, to strengthen the anti-racist voice in systems of power and accountability in Northern Ireland.
Eligibility Criteria

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust is interested in funding work which:
is about removing problems through radical solutions, and not simply about making problems easier to live with
has a clear sense of objectives, and of how to achieve them
is innovative and imaginative
and where the grant has a good chance of making a difference.
Within its areas of interest, the Trust makes grants to a range of organizations and to individuals.
If you are based outside the UK and you are registered as a charitable organization in your local jurisdiction, you may apply for general support if all of your work fits within the published programs, and the following criteria are also met:
your organization is governed by an unpaid board
your organization is not for profit
your organization’s formal purposes fall within the list of charitable purposes recognized within English law.
For more information, visit https://www.jrct.org.uk/northern-ireland

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