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Joint Gender Fund: Call for Proposals (South Africa)

Joint Gender Fund: Call for Proposals (South Africa)

Deadline: 26-Oct-20

The Joint Gender Fund is inviting proposals from CBOs working in the area of land rights to submit funding proposals to advance their work and strengthen their institutions. The Joint Gender Fund (JGF) is a funding mechanism consisting of, Ford Foundation and RAITH Foundation (as primary contributors).

Seed Grants
The Fund provides funding to civil society organizations undertaking gender-based violence (GBV) programming. The JGF supports integrated, comprehensive and transformative programming interventions that contribute to a strengthened sector that is more able to respond to gender-based violence (GBV). JGF takes into account interventions that are relevant to the context of socio-economic inequality – in ways that transform gender relations, address key intersections, and empower women and girls in particular.

The Joint Gender Fund will support community-based organizations to advocate for women’s rights as they relate to access to land and tenure. This will be achieved through funding CBOs working on women’s land rights, enhancing their capacity to engage relevant stakeholders and linking them to relevant local stakeholders and linking them to relevant structures and NGOs for support.

The JGF will work collaboratively with organisations championing women’s land rights. Whilst many of the organisations work at policy level, the JGF will focus on strengthening the capacity of small community based organisations in engaging with relevant local stakeholders including NGO advocating land rights to promote gender equity in the ongoing land tenure debates. As such, the JGF’s role will be complimentary to that of other civil society organisations working in women’s land rights and also facilitate linkages between their work and that of CBOs.

It is imperative that gender-based violence be looked at not only in the context of domestic violence, but also be addressed as a systemic issue. This requires advocacy measures that consider the political, social and economic aspects of women’s lives. The Joint Gender Fund believes that the process of change begins at a community level but also requires transformation at institutional levels – positive changes in practice, in policy, in programme implementation, in resource allocation as well as in levels of commitment and accountability.

Overall Objective

To advocate for local level change through initiatives that address the intersection between gender-based violence and women’s access to land.
Grant Amounts

Between R100 000 – R150 000 per year.
Funding Period

A maximum period of 18 months.
Proposal Parameters

The JGF will continue funding innovative, integrated and comprehensive interventions aimed at combating VAWG, including programmes that seek to engage with relevant government departments and other institutions with responsibility for concerted action against GBV.
This call seeks to support those organisations with a plan to sustain or enhance their engagement with structures that have influence, authority or resources to ensure implementation aimed at combating or eradicating GBV/VAWG. The work of building voice, of preparation and reporting back from processes as well as survivor support may also be included or built into the description of the intended work.
Indicative Activities

Lobbying traditional leaders for increased allocation of land to rural women;
Advocacy activities promoting agribusiness targeting young women;
Public education campaigns on legislative provisions on women’s access to land and land tenure;
Community-based participatory research on intersection between women’s access to land and gender-based violence.

This call is open to organisations based anywhere in South Africa, but organisations based in, or working in, the following provinces, are encouraged to apply:

Northern Cape;
North West;
Free State.
*Taking into account the discrepancy in resources and capacity between NGOs and CBOs and the potential for strengthening CBOs, joint proposals between NGO’s and CBO’s will be considered. The proposal should outline clear objectives and a sound implementation approach.

Eligibility Criteria

All organizations applying for funding must comply with all the criteria listed below.

Identify as a community-based organization (CBO) or grassroots woman’s movement working in South Africa;
Work on human rights/development issues as a core business;
Have adequate financial and management systems or show commitment to putting such systems in place;
Have a governance structure that is active and involved;
Have strong leadership, participation and empowerment by people who experience gender-based oppression (particularly women);
Have a vision for transforming unequal gender power relations;
Demonstrate alignment with the overall strategy of the JGF.
Applications must

Completed in full before submission;
Be submitted by via the JGF SM application portal.
For more information, visit http://www.hlanganisa.org.za/call-for-proposals-wlr-cfp-2020/

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