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JFBKK Small Grant Programs to Promote Cultural Collaboration

JFBKK Small Grant Programs to Promote Cultural Collaboration

Deadline: 10 November 2019

The Japan Foundation, Bangkok is currently accepting applications for its Small Grant Program to the projects dedicated to:

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  • Category A: Projects concerning Japan (Arts and Culture/Japanese Studies): International cultural exchange to promote deeper understanding of Japan including projects to enhance Japanese studies in Thailand.
  • Category B: Promotion of Cultural Collaboration: Projects implemented by specialists/specialized organizations in the field of arts and culture, sports or intellectual exchange in Asia which aims to conduct collaborative projects, aiming to foster an awareness of empathy and coexistence among the people of Asia, including Japan, through collaboration.
  • Category C: People-to-People Exchange: Exchange projects implemented by organizations at grassroots or regional levels, aiming to expand the base for cultural exchange and to promote understanding and friendship among the people in Asia.


  • Promotion of deeper understanding of Japanese arts and culture among the people of Thailand and this region
  • Joint-research and conferences whose results will be published
  • International cooperative projects that are to be conducted between two or more institutions, or that will enhance the networking of the Japanese studies institutions/researchers in this region (especially for Category A)
  • Elements of collaboration and cooperation that cross national boundaries
  • Potential for development into new projects
  • Innovative approaches or pioneering elements in the themes and contents
  • Outcomes that have a lasting significance within a relevant field, rather than being a oneoff event (especially for Category B)
  • Expansion of the basis of grassroots and regional exchange (especially for Category C)
  • Contribution in developing a foundation for international cultural exchange by nurturing those who can take the lead in international cultural exchange among Asian countries, and building networks between Japan and Asia (especially for Category C)

Qualifying Projects

  • Category A: Projects concerning Japan (Arts and Culture/Japanese Studies)
    • International art and cultural exchange events implemented in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar such as art exhibitions, performing arts or film screenings to promote deeper understanding of Japanese arts and culture among the people in Thailand and this region. This category also includes projects to enhance Japanese studies in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar such as joint-research, conferences, seminars and intensive courses.
  • Category B: Promotion of Cultural Collaboration
    • Collaborative projects in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar such as co-production and joint research, and projects to disseminate the results of these collaborative projects, implemented mainly by specialists/specialized organizations in the field of arts, sports or intellectual exchange in Thailand or/and Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar (E.g. art exhibitions, stage and performing arts, international conferences and workshops). Bilateral collaborative projects as well as multilateral projects that involve countries other than the target areas are also eligible.
  • Category C: People-to-People Exchange
    • Exchange projects at grassroots or regional levels which are implemented in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. Both bilateral exchange projects and multilateral exchange projects are eligible.

Eligibility Criteria

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  • Applicants should be non-profit organizations (e.g. universities, research institutes and academic associations, NGO/NPOs) located in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos or Myanmar.
  • In principle, the project should be carried out in the country where the Applicant is based.
  • Applicants should carry out the project as an institution and should cover a part of the cost.
  • The project should be implemented and completed within a Japanese fiscal year (from April 1 to March 31 the following year).
  • If the need for the project is acknowledged, plans that continue over a year are also eligible for the program but at a maximum of three years. Applications must be submitted and screened every year.
  • Applicants must have a bank account capable of accepting grants from the Japan Foundation, Bangkok. A bank account may also be opened before remittance.

How to Apply

Applicants must submit the original set of application documents at the address given on the website.

Eligible Countries: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar

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