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Japan Foundation’s Institutional Project Support (IPS) – Small Grant Program (United States)

Japan Foundation’s Institutional Project Support (IPS) – Small Grant Program (United States)

Deadline: 01-Dec-20

The Japan Foundation (JF) is accepting applications for the Institutional Project Support (IPS) – Small Grant Program.

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This program is designed to:

support institutions that face difficulties maintaining current levels of infrastructure for Japanese Studies in the U.S.;
stimulate infrastructural interest in Japanese Studies by small and newer institutions without an established program of Japanese Studies or those that lack personnel or resources; and
provide support for particularly innovative programs that promote Japanese Studies.
Funding Information

A maximum of $25,000 will be awarded to institutions that execute proposals designed to maintain and advance the infrastructural scale of Japanese Studies at their institution.
Projects must commence between April 1, 2021 and September 30, 2021. The duration can be up to twelve months (one year).
Eligibility Criteria

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Only submissions from U.S. institutions and organizations with 501(c)(3) status will be accepted.
Applicants to this program are not eligible to apply to the Institutional Project Support (IPS) program and the Case Studies Japan program for fiscal 2021-2022.
Projects must fulfill the following requirements to be eligible for application:
They must not be used for political, religious, social welfare, or commercial activities.
They must not be activities in support of specific doctrines or claims.
The aim of the project must be to promote Japanese Studies. The following proposals are not eligible:
Projects in the field of medicine, manual training or natural sciences
Organization of or participation in sporting events and training
Projects in the field of art (art-related projects such as exhibitions, film series, etc. that form a portion of a larger, comprehensive Japanese Studies project may be funded)
Goodwill exchanges
Social welfare or international development projects
Tourist-oriented programs
Japanese language-related components may be supported if they are part of a more comprehensive Japanese Studies project.
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