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Japan America Society Capacity Building Grant Program – US

Japan America Society Capacity Building Grant Program – US

Deadline: 29-Sep-23

Recognizing the importance of Japan America Societies (JAS/JS) in fostering mutual understanding between the U.S. and Japan on a grassroots level, Japan Foundation (JF) New York aims to support the JAS in its work beyond the pandemic with the Capacity Building Grant Program.

In order to further strengthen JAS in the NAJAS network and to enhance their effectiveness in carrying out their mission, this program supports capacity building projects that demonstrate feasibility and organizational sustainability and will lead to organizational growth.

  • JF welcomes proposed projects that fall under (but not limited to) one or more of the categories:
    • Income and Fundraising: Research and implement income generation plans that ensure sustainability and growth of the Society.
    • Strategic Planning: Strategize and develop a plan that aims to build organizational capacity and ensures organizational leaders, board members and staff have a clear and unified understanding of the Society’s long-term goals and priorities beyond the pandemic.
    • Public Relations Development: Create and implement PR and marketing strategies that raise the visibility of the Society and lead to increased engagement with the community.
    • Program Development: Create and implement innovative programming that will contribute to overall organizational sustainability by reaching new and wider audiences.
    • Membership Development: Create and implement a plan to increase membership and to strengthen the networking ability of the Society, expanding reach to other interest groups such as local businesses, Japan-related organizations, and young professionals.
    • Professional Development: Professional development programs for the Society’s leadership, staff, and volunteers that will enhance individual and/or group skill sets relevant to organizational growth and sustainability.
    • Not-For-Profit Management and Governance: Enhance personnel management within the Society to include continuity and succession planning, as well as board utilization and engagement.
  • Projects with one or more of the following qualities will be prioritized:
    • Organizations with immediate needs.
    • Resource-sharing with the greater Japan America Societies community. Collaborative projects by multiple Japan America Societies are welcomed. Projects that emphasize cooperation within the JAS network, replicability and/or positive outcomes for multiple Japan America Societies are also encouraged.
    • Board Commitment. Demonstrated alignment between the board members and organizational staff on the proposed project.
    • Community Collaboration. Project that demonstrates collaboration with the Society’s larger community (K-12, universities, museums, businesses, Japan related organization in the region etc.).
    • Demonstration of a fresh and innovative approach to accomplish project goals.
  • Lower priority will be given to projects that can be supported by the Global Partnerships Small Grant Program or Education Grant Program.
  • Proposals that are the same or very similar to previously supported projects are also a lower priority. JF encourages applicants to demonstrate innovation and/or lessons learned if a proposal similar to a project that has received funding from JF in the past is submitted.
Funding Information
  • The grant amount is up to $30,000 and inclusive of indirect costs. Amounts will be decided after reviewing the project in terms of scale and necessity.
  • Grant coverage is for up to 12 months.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Japan America Societies/Japan Societies which are nonprofit organizations in the U.S. with 501(c)(3) status under the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Organizations that are currently receiving a Japan Foundation grant are eligible to apply as long as project activities and costs are completely separate from the current project.
Ineligibility Criteria
  • JF will not consider proposals for the following:
    • Commercial activities;
    • Political activities, election campaigns, or religious activities;
    • Activities in support of specific doctrines or claims;
    • Language education programs.

For more information, visit Japan Foundation New York.

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