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IWPR: Small Grants for Investigative Reporting Projects

IWPR: Small Grants for Investigative Reporting Projects

Deadline: 31-May-23

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) is currently accepting investigative reporting proposals to explore the threats posed by disinformation and propaganda in Eastern Partnership countries, especially in light of the war in Ukraine.

The call is part of IWPR’s larger regional project Amplify, Verify, Engage: Information for Democratization and Good Governance in Eurasia (AVE), which promotes democratic growth, participatory governance, and cross-border cooperation by strengthening civil society and independent media across Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Caucasus. The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.

The theme for the grants is disinformation and other forms of malign interference through information deception. They will accept investigative reporting proposals related to the countries of the South Caucasus, Moldova, and Ukraine.

This would include mapping disinformation actors, investigating the financing schemes behind targeted disinformation campaigns, and exploring the impact of disinformation as the primary driver of instability in the region.

Some potential areas for investigation could be disinformation and propaganda around the perspectives of EU integration of the EaP countries in the context of the war in Ukraine, potential threats of Russian invasion in other areas/countries, as well as the myths and realities around emerging security threats in the region.

They encourage applicants to use open-source intelligence techniques (OSINT) and network analysis skills wherever possible in their reporting (including initial work using such skills to form the basis of the proposal). Where relevant, they encourage reporting that demonstrates to readers some of the processes used in disinformation investigations to encourage greater literacy in this area and encourage readers to adopt simple processes to better verify information in their day-to-day lives.

Funding Information

  • The funding amount is no less than EUR 1,500 and does not exceed EUR 4,500. The duration should be no less than three months. IWPR retains the right to award one or more proposals. Proposals that seek co-funding within the call’s thematic framework are also eligible to apply.

Location: South Caucasus, Moldova, Ukraine


  • Applications are open to media outlets and investigative groups from countries of the South Caucasus, Moldova, and Ukraine, who produce media content and have a platform (print, online, radio, or TV) for its distribution. Priority will be given to applications that explore topics relevant to the region and involve the cooperation of journalists across the border.
  • Interested applicants should take note of the following minimum requirements:
    • Organisations should be legally registered in countries of the South Caucasus, Moldova, and Ukraine;
    • Organisations should have experience in producing media content;
    • Organisations should have a platform (print, online, radio or TV) for the distribution of the produced investigative report;
    • Organisations should be committed to best practices of international journalism standards and the principles of ethical journalism;
    • Organisations should be able to demonstrate adequate staff capacity for content production and grant management.
  • Applications can be received from a single organisation or two organisations from different countries. Joint applications from two organisations from eligible countries for a cross-border investigation are encouraged.

For more information, visit IWPR.

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