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ISDB hires 01 Line Of Finance

ISDB hires 01 Line Of Finance, Associate (ICD) French Speaker for Dakar Office
Localisation Dakar / Sénégal
Expiration 31 Juillet 2017
Description de l’offre
Descriptif du poste

• The role is responsible for assisting the Head Line of Finance in due diligence & structuring financial agreements & lending programs with partner FIs in accordance with ICD’s risk-reward principles. The role further ensures lines are maintained and adequately extended to end users in accordance with the program principles thereby achieving the desired development impact coupled with ROI maximization.

• Conducting first desk assessments to identify key financials, operational and strategy areas of potential partnering Fis and submitting investment/partnering proposals to the Board of Directors for preliminary approval and further study

• Managing the portfolio assigned in order to ensure effective implementation of overall operations as per the agreements (Disbursements plus periodic Reporting requirements of the agreements)

• Conducting due diligence activities and prepares final detailed operational and financial reports on potential bank-partner and presents recommendations to the Board / Investment Committee and CEO for approval and loans allocation

• Structuring financing agreements & lending programs with partner FIs in member countries in line with the overall risk & investment guidelines, comply with Shariah principles and as per the parameters finalized by the Board & Investment Committee

• Ensuring all partner FIs selected comply with the internal rating process as established by ICD

• Maintaining lines and ensuring that these are being extended to end users thereby achieving the desired development impact in addition to generating the necessary ROI

• Providing training to the partner Fis to enable them implement the agreements effectively as per the guidelines

• Periodically assessing effectiveness of the lending portfolio through paying regular visits to partner Fis and redesign lending parameters, if required

• Preparing monthly portfolio performance report and submitting to Management committee for status update

• Reviewing the NPAs and assisting the Head LoF in executing the strategy to recover and minimize ICD loses

• Reporting the management on the distressed projects at early stages for better decision making and proposing recommendations in order to resolve the problem and minimize negative impact on ICD

• Maintaining local contact with portfolio companies in key regions, focusing on active monitoring and lifecycle management.

• implementation of portfolio activities as per the stated agreements and identifies & escalates potential roadblocks or risks.

• Bachelor degree Finance or Accounting.

Master Degree or a professional Certificate will be an advantage.

• 5-7 years of experience similar role .

• Must be fulent in French & English Language.

Candidte will be based in Dakar Office.
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