IPPFAR recruits 01 Lead Project Delivery Management

IPPFAR recruits 01 Lead Project Delivery Management


The job holder is responsible for ensuring the achievement of the regional approved projects in order to sustain and attract donor funding and continuously serve beneficiaries.

Provide strategic direction and coordination of IPPFAR Restricted Funding Projects (RFP) technical teams in pursuit of IPPF Mission, Vision, and values through the provision of programmatic leadership to contribute towards achievement of IPPF strategic framework.

The job holder is to be accountable for the achievements of IPPFAR restricted funding projects expected results as provided for in the relevant and approved restricted funding projects documents.

Ensure that IPPFAR Restricted Funding Projects (RFP) are managed efficiently in accordance to donor requirements, through high performance, high quality programme and service delivery in an accountable manner.


Project Management

  • Coordinate the implementation of a harmonized approach to Restricted Funding Project design, implementation, monitoring and reporting in line with existing best practices and IPPFAR policies/procedures
  • Maintain the overall integrity and coherence of the Restricting Funding Projects and maintain the programme environment to support each individual project/staff member within it
  • Ensure the delivery of projects is to the appropriate level of quality, on time and within available resources and according to the programme and the M&E plans
  • Ensure that implementation of Restricted Funding Projects is up to donors’ expectations
  • Oversee project budgets, monitor expenditure and costs against results that are realised as the programme progresses
  • Ensure Restricted Funding Projects reports are in line with IPPF/other donor requirements
  • Work with other members of the Programme Department to contribute to the delivering of the agreed department priorities – quality of care, enabling services, MA capacity programme management/capacity building among others
  • Conduct regular assessments and provide regular updates to IPPFARO’s program team as well as ARO SMT when needed

Team Management

  • To manage the team of Project manager and/or coordinators on a day to day basis to support the program department delivering on its performance objectives in line with IPPFAR joint priorities and deliverables.
  • Assist Project managers and/or coordinators to set annual goals and performance objectives against achievements of the departmental team
  • Lead and provide support during the development of Annual Work Plans (AWP) of the RFP team against the priorities of the region by setting out clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each team member
  • Strengthen the capacity of Project managers and/or coordinators to develop and to implement innovative SRHR programmes
  • Track and ensure contributions of Project managers, coordinators, officers and consultants where relevant, to the departmental achievements are adequately captured and timely shared/disseminated
  • Conduct quarterly one to one and team meetings to review work plans against achievements of the team
  • Conduct annual performance assessments of Project managers and/or coordinators in order to keep the team competitive and motivated

Partnerships and Inter-departmental / Inter-office Collaboration

  • Identify, collect, and compile information on scalable and sustainable best approaches in the area of RFP management
  • Build partnership and mobilise additional funds to develop and strengthen and/or sustain ongoing SRHR projects in the region in an accountable manner
  • Coordinate information flow, regular communication and timely responses between IPPF ARO and project donors
  • Contribute to ensuring IPPF ARO Business Cycle is implemented as required
  • In collaboration with the Lead Budget and Finance specialist to oversee project budgets, monitoring expenditure and costs against benefits that are realised as the programme progresses
  • Collaborate with External Relations and Communication (ER&C) team to build strategic partnerships with the government, civil society, bilateral and multilateral organisations to implement programmes through specific projects in the region
  • Collaborate with Strategy & Organizational Development and ER&C teams to document SRHR promising/best practices in the region
  • Collaborate with other departments at IPPFARO to contribute to the delivering of the agreed regional office priorities.
  • Strengthen internal and external linkages and partnerships between the Programme Department and other ARO departments/units, IPPF Central Office and other strategic external partners.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Oversee the preparation of annual program and budget, progress reports, donor reports
  • Develop sound M&E plan to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Annual Work Plan budget for the Restricted Funded Project team
  • Coordinate and proactively monitor overall progress of the implementation of the IPPFAR Restricted funding projects and assess results against objective indicators
  • Track the implementation of restricted projects at ARO and in the region by providing timely feedback to the Head of Programmes Department
  • Coordinate documentation of best practices and case studies from restricted projects for internal and external dissemination
  • Work with the Strategy & Organizational Development department to oversee research studies.


  • Participate as a member of the senior staff in program department to provide guidance on department-wide management decisions
  • Assist RFP delivery team members to set and to assess annual goals and performance objectives against achievements of the departmental team
  • Work closely with the Head of Programmes department as well as other senior program specialists to advance departmental agenda
  • To ensure gender is effectively mainstreamed within the remit of the post and in line with IPPF’s Gender Equality Policy
  • To contribute to the overall goals of IPPFARO
  • To undertake any other duties as may be requested by her/his supervisor from time to time

Experience / Training


  • Master’s degree in Development studies, social science, public health or other related fields.


  • At least eight years’ experience in similar position, or health programmes management three of which should be at the international level
  • Significant experience in managing programmes and projects
  • Significant experience of effectively managing budgets in line with donor requirements
  • Experience in networking and social network
  • Experience of resource mobilising


  • For this post fluency in English and French (both oral and written) is a must.
  • Knowledge of Portuguese is an advantage

How to apply

For more details on the job description and on how to apply please visit

IPPF offers a wide range of benefits and is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications are particularly encouraged from women, people living with disabilities, people living with HIV and minorities.

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