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International Medical Corps hires 01 WASH Coordinator

International Medical Corps hires 01 WASH Coordinator – Roster


When catastrophe hits, International Medical Corps is often one of the first humanitarian aid organizations on the scene—providing rapid and effective aid that saves lives, reduces suffering, and promotes self-reliance. International Medical Corps has established an International Emergency Roster to ensure that emergency positions are filled in a timely manner with professionally qualified, gender balanced, geographically diverse, linguistically able, and a highly motivated corps of professionals. The team includes coordinators, logisticians, doctors and water and sanitation experts. It also includes specialists who focus on protection, prevention of sexual violence and aid for rape survivors and mental health. Selected Emergency Response Team (ERT) members are always on standby to deploy to a crisis within 72 hours, whether they are launching into new areas or lending support to International Medical Corps teams already on the ground. International Medical Corps maintains a roster of volunteers, staff and available specialists who have been interviewed and have completed pre-deployment paperwork, orientation and training. The roster is updated on regular basis as new responders are identified and members update their areas of expertise and other relevant information. Through this expression of interest, applicants are encouraged to submit their profiles so that their information is readily available in the International Medical Corps applicant tracking system.

**NOTE** Candidates applying to this position are indicating that they are interested in being considered for the International Medical Corps standby roster for emergency response.

Roster members will only be contacted when there is an emergency response need for which the responder is qualified for. This position will not be compensated unless responders are deployed to an emergency response. The individual will plan and implement WASH projects, foster internal and external networks with stakeholders and donors; provide technical support to the development of funding proposals. The WASH Coordinator will manage, lead and provide direction to the WASH team in line with Country priorities. In addition, where required, the Coordinator will support the program team in obtaining the required government permissions and positively engage with institutional and private donors as well as IMC HQ. Moreover, the Coordinator will ensure project monitoring, regular reviews, preparation of donor reports, capturing learning’s and is able to close the project and implement exit plans.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each of the essential functions under limited or basic living conditions and working environment. The duties and responsibilities listed are representative of the nature and level of work assigned and are not necessarily all-inclusive. Assessment:

  • Provide WASH sectoral leadership and technical support to rapid needs assessments and their analysis and ensure their linkage to activity plans and budgets;
  • Assess in-country resources and capacities (human, material and financial) for WASH program roll out as per agreed objectives. In addition, evaluate the strengths/gaps in the capacities;
  • Implement and maintain prescribed reporting systems to monitor and evaluate the objectives, indicators and outcomes of the project.

Program Design:

  • Formulate the overall aims and objectives of the WASH response program through development of a clear WASH strategy for senior Country Management;
  • Design an appropriate overall response to the country specific needs, taking into account the needs of the community; the current levels of in country WASH capacity and the overlapping of WASH and other IMC sectors;
  • Select and design from an array of appropriate technologies for water systems for the given context, including source selection (ground water, surface water), abstraction, storage, treatment and distribution for new systems and/or the rehabilitation of old Water systems;


  • Select and design the most appropriate form of sanitation system (to include excreta disposal, vector control, solid waste disposal, drainage) taking full account of local conditions, resources, customs and cultural norms;
  • Select and design, in collaboration with other actors a suitable hygiene promotion program that suits the local context and would be widely accepted by beneficiaries;
  • Ensure and advocate for the consideration of cross cutting areas such as; gender, protection, DRR and sustainability within all WASH interventions. Also taking into account the importance of integration with other key sectors such as health and nutrition;
  • Support further development of WASH interventions through the use of project conceptualization and planning skills such as SWOT analysis and Stakeholder mapping;
  • Ensure Sphere and National standards are considered through the program cycle and are well documented;
  • Develop concept papers, letters of intent, proposals and budgets related to the above.

Management and Implementation:

  • Plan, lead and manage WASH program in a phased and prioritized manner in full consultation and co-ordination with International Medical Corps’ staff and other agencies both governmental and non-governmental;
  • Work closely with Human Resources team for planning and hiring of the WASH team;
  • Build the WASH team capacity to respond to the emergency and development phases;
  • Ensure gender and protection is considered throughout the project cycle, with women being enabled to influence decision making around WASH challenges;
  • Ensure WASH program is integrated with DRR, gender, protection and nutrition as and when appropriate;
  • Design and develop appropriate supervisory, monitoring and evaluation systems for WASH interventions;
  • Work closely with program support functions (logistics and finance departments) for WASH program supplies and activities planning.

Information and Co-ordination:

  • Provide regular updates and technical guidance to team on progress, priorities and challenges – verbally and in writing.
  • Responsible for oversight of staff work plans, vacation schedules, staff training, development and appraisals;
  • Represent International Medical Corps to external stakeholders such as governmental and non-governmental groups, Donors and relevant clusters;

Showcase the work of International Medical Corps to Donors and private sector to explore future funding opportunities.

Experience / Qualifications
  • Minimum of bachelor’s degree in water and sanitation engineering, civil engineering, Public Health or relevant technical WASH specialization;
  • At least five years of work experience with designing and implementing water and sanitation systems in IDPs, refugee and migrant contexts, maintaining sanitation systems, and implementing hygiene promotion programs, including 2 years in a humanitarian setting; or equivalent combination of education and experience;
  • An appreciation of WASH in health facilities and outbreak preparedness and/or response;
  • Demonstrated analytical, motivational, communication, project conceptualization and planning skills;
  • Experience in developing WASH strategy, clear and realistic activity planning; overseeing implementation, tracking the progress, reporting against the agreed indicators and managing project budget;
  • Experience in emergency and early recovery phases, including assessments and the design and delivery of effective water supply and hygiene promotion interventions in humanitarian and development contexts;
  • Experience and understanding of key intuitional donors’ policies, guidelines and strategies e.g. USAid, OFDA, ECHO, DFID and UN
  • Demonstrated experience in WASH proposal development and preparation of internal and donor reports;
  • Ability to effectively present information (both written and verbally) and respond appropriately to questions from senior managers in the field and HQ, counterparts, senior government;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of linking WASH activities with other humanitarian sectors;
  • Demonstrated experience of working closely with support functions (finance and logistics) on activity and procurement planning;
Languages spokenN/A
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English required, working knowledge of French, Spanish or Arabic skills desirable;
  • Must be able to demonstrate cross-cultural awareness and maintain a positive working relationship with clients and colleagues with professionalism and integrity;
  • Demonstrated skills in creative problem solving particularly in limited resource settings;
  • Experience in managing, training and motivating multiethnic and multicultural teams.
PositionsOther, Specialized technician
Areas of activityHealth, Other
CountryAfrica, Asia, Europe, Latin america, Cameroon, Central Africa, Chad, Djibouti, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Libya, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sudan, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ukraine, Haiti
ContractsFixed-term position
Contract durationN/A
Salary / AllowanceTBC
Supporting documentsN/A
Name and surname of contact personN/A
Advertisement expiration date08/10/2017

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