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Indigo Shire Council: Community Grants Program – Australia

Indigo Shire Council: Community Grants Program – Australia


Deadline: 13-Dec-20

Indigo Shire Council is seeking applications for its Community Grants Program to provide an opportunity for community groups and organization’s to seek funds for projects and initiatives that benefit the community at large when funds are not readily available from other sources.

Applications are invited from the community for Indigo Shire’s 2020-2021 Community Grants Program under the following categories:

Community Grants – General;
Community Grants – Arts & Cultural Initiatives;
Community Grants – Youth Initiatives Grants.
Funding Information

A total of $47,500 is available for ‘General’ and ‘Arts and Culture’ projects in 2020-2021. In addition, $2,500 is available for ‘Youth Initiatives’.
Successful grants will range from $200 to $4,000.
Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for Indigo Shire’s Community Grants Program are:

Applications will be considered only from locally based groups and organization, or those meeting a demonstrated need within the Shire.
One application per group.
Preference will be given to applications for projects where funding is not available from other sources.
The group or organization must be non-profit making and open to or accessible by Indigo Shire residents.
All applicant organizations must either be incorporated, be auspiced by another group or become incorporated as a condition of funding.
Groups must demonstrate a significant contribution in the form of cash, voluntary service or in-kind support. This will require greater flexibility in 2020/21 due to hardship experienced due to bushfires and COVID19.
The applicant must have appropriate public liability insurance.
Applications will not be considered within the following categories:
Groups already in receipt of significant support from the Council.
Programs considered the major responsibility of the State or Federal Government.
Applications by commercial or private organizations.
Retrospective funding i.e. projects that have already been started or have been completed.
Applications Process

In 2020 Indigo Shire Council has moved the application process for Community Grants to an online Portal called Smarty Grants. This grants management platform is used by local councils, State and Federal Governments as a part of building best practice for Application through to Acquittal.
Online applications are made easy through this portal. They encourage everyone who is interested in submitting an application for the Community Grants Program to jump online and work through the form.
You simply need to set up a login, choose the Grant round you are applying form and following the instructions to answer the questions. If you aren’t comfortable with using an online format, they encourage you to find someone who may be able to assist you.
Alternatively, if you need to collect a paper copy of the application form you can do this at any of the Indigo Shire Council Customer Services offices. Completed applications with be automatically submitted.
A PDF copy of your application will be sent to the email address you used as your login. All supporting documentation can also be uploaded.
For more information, visit

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