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ID recruits 01 Senior Software Engineer

ID recruits 01 Senior Software Engineer

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LocalisationEn ligne / Sénégal
Expiration05 Fevrier 2021
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Senior Software Engineer
This job is posted by Crossover
Job ID: 3888

Are you a seasoned engineer, with a breadth of experience in building & shipping products? Do you have high standards when it comes to what good code is and what it takes to build high-quality, fault-tolerant software? Are you ready to own the codebase of a full-blown enterprise product, act as a technical lead for it and take it from stormy waters into more clear ones? If so, then this job is for you.

Join us in migrating software into cloud-native applications. We re-design, re-build, and re-factor products before re-deploying them as true cloud-native applications using the full-range of services. This is a great role for technical experts looking to grow their responsibility without taking on managerial tasks. This role is deeply technical: it is not project management, HR management, or agile scrum master. You will not waste your time on non-technical activities. We want your technical expertise!
What you will be doing:
• Identifying the true root cause of complex software problems
• Rejecting bad code changes
• Simplifying and communicating complex software architectures using the C4 model
• Building comprehensive test plans using Google’s ACC methodology
• Driving full CI/CD implementation for the products under your responsibility
What you will NOT be doing:
• Dealing with pressures to implement technical decisions made by senior leaders, project managers and bureaucrats
• Being a slave to project plans, budgets and risk avoidance
• Managing developers or a scrum process
• Attending frequent meetings
• Coaching engineers individually
Key Responsibilities:
• Becoming the go-to expert on products to which you are assigned
• Upholding high standards on fundamental data structures, algorithms, and architectural best practices
• The quality of all code in your product, and the accuracy and completeness of your architecture artifacts
• Digging deep into issues to identify root causes
Candidate Requirements:
• A degree in computer science or the commercial equivalent
• At least 3y of professional experience in Java, Javascript, C++ and/or C#
• At least 3 years of responsibility for architecture as a designer
• At least 3 years of experience in cloud or on-prem infrastructure
Nice to have:
• Expertise designing CI/CD pipelines
• Deep familiarity with cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure or Google
• Experience in containerization, Docker and Kubernetes

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