HI recruits 01 Area Manager Mokha

HI recruits 01 Area Manager Mokha – YEMEN

Place: YEMEN (Mokha)                                                      Starting date: 15/05/2021

Length: 12 months                                                            Closing date for applications: 14/03/2021

“Outraged by the injustice faced by people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, we aspire to a world of solidarity and inclusion, enriched by our differences, where everyone can live in dignity”

Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is an independent and impartial aid and development organisation with no religious or political affiliations operating in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable people to help meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

Since the organisation was first founded in 1982, we have set up development programmes in more than 60 countries and responded to many emergencies. Today we have a budget of around 150 million euros, with 3500 employees worldwide.

The Federation is responsible for implementing the network’s social missions in around sixty countries. It operates under the names “Humanity & Inclusion” or “Handicap International” depending on the country.

HI is engaged in an employment policy in favour of disabled workers.

For further information about the association: www.hi.org.


HI have been intervening in Yemen on and off for the last 12 years, with its actions initially focused on development issues, notably through the support to the development of physical and functional rehabilitation services for people with disabilities as well as through the capacity-building of the national networks of Yemen Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs).

Since 2015, HI interventions have been adapted to the current context of conflict in Yemen. HI has been supporting two hospitals and one physical and functional rehabilitation centre in Sana’a City, building the capacities of their key staff in early rehabilitation care and psychological first aid (including specifically for children), supplying rehabilitation equipment, and directly providing functional rehabilitation care and psychosocial support to war affected people (including through the donation of assistive devices and provision of Prosthesis). In 2017, these activities have extended to new facilities in and around Sana’a.

In parallel, HI is implementing an inclusion and protection mainstreaming project, to increase the knowledge and capacities of the staff International NGOs in the inclusion of the most vulnerable persons in their humanitarian response (including persons with disabilities), so as to increase their access to essential services.

In addition, the mission is also expanding its sector of intervention through Risk education and Cash support. Eventually, the set-up of advocacy mechanisms considering the country and regional environment is another major goal of the mission.

While all of HI activities were done so far in Sana’a governorate. In 2019, HI re-established operations in one hospital in Aden. In 2020, HI’s intervention is expanding in Aden governorate, Lahj governorate and in Taiz governorate (mainly West Coast from the Mokha-based office).  Further expansion will be considered in 2021/2022.


The Area Manager is responsible for developing and implementing, in the area where he/she is based, the projects part of the Programme operational strategy. Under the guidance of his/ her line management and other relevant departments, he/she deploys all adequate tools that will allow project monitoring, financial controlling and compliance with HI policies and frameworks (in particular HI Project Monitoring & Evaluation policy), and the respect of contractual obligations towards donors.  He/she contributes to monitor and analyse context developments in his/her geographical area, in order to identify operational risks and opportunities, and proposes actions to his / her line management. He/she contributes to organizational transformation. Depending on projects volume and area complexity: he/she also follows up on security management and coordinates shared services and operations team on a daily basis to facilitate activities implementation.

His/her main responsibilities are:

  • Management:
    • Be the manager (direct report) of the Project team in the area of assignment
    • Ensure coordination between project and support services teams and with other bases.
    • Steer organization transformation, in particular through managerial and work practice change and continuous improvement of working processes.
  • Contribution to the programme’s operational strategy and hi frameworks and regulations:
    • Contribute to the development of the Programme’s Operational Strategy, and to its implementation and annual monitoring
    • Implement the project part of the Programme’s Operational Strategy
    • Ensure the deployment of and compliance with HI global frameworks, institutional policies and standards
    • Ensure sound management and monitoring of projects under his/her responsibility
    • With both operational opportunities and risks in mind, contribute to the monitoring and analysis made by the line Manager, and propose mitigation measures when relevant
    • Support the Program Director in monitoring the security of the program and ensure internal resources for employees according to the context
  • Influence:
    • Develop external influence of HI (forums, operational & strategic alliances, etc.) and the external representation of the organization (events, media) on his/her responsibilities area
  • Reporting


  • You hold a degree in a field related to the job such as humanitarian action, political science, Middle East studies, international relationships…
  • You have at least 3 years of professional experience in project management in challenging humanitarian contexts. Previous experience in the country or within the region is an asset
  • You have proven managerial and representation experience.
  • You have excellent communication skills as well as strong writing and reporting skills.
  • You demonstrate good adaptability and interpersonal skills.
  • You are autonomous and proactive.
  • You are able to work under pressure.
  • Oral and written English is mandatory.


The base is located in Mokha city, along the West Coast, 4- 5 hours from Aden (where the closest airport is located). The situation in Mokha is tense and highly volatile. Mokha city has been cleared but the West Coast is known to be contaminated and thus HI takes extra caution when travelling outside of Mokha city.

Travel between the Aden and Mokha base is done by road along the Coastal highway. required to wear appropriate clothing (long pants, and long sleeve shirt) but must wear abaya and hijab (headscarf) when outside of the office. Men are required to dress appropriately (long pants and at least short sleeved shirt) and should not wear shorts except for in the guest house outside of office hours.

Staff live in shared accommodation in a building that consists of the office and guesthouse. Staff have opportunities to visit a small grocery store and other INGOs on weekends. All movements are done by car and all international staff should adhere to the curfew which can change depending on the security situation (currently 20:00 hrs).

The base was established and officially opened in January 2020 and thus is still under stabilisation. Most facilities (bathroom, kitchen, common space) are shared but staff will have their own room.


At HI, the conditions offered are up to your commitment and adapted to the context of your mission. Particular attention is paid to health issues and your personal situation. We offer an induction and training path adapted to our staff members and we have a HR policy oriented toward mobility and professional development.

  • 12 months International contract starting from 15th , May 2021
  • The international contract provides social cover adapted to your situation:
    • Unemployment insurance benefits for EU nationals
    • Pension scheme adapted to the situation of our employees: If you already have a personal pension scheme HI will contribute at the same level of your personal monthly contribution with a maximum of 53€/month ; If you do not have a personal pension scheme, we will open a private pension account with your contribution of 272.53€/month and a contribution of HI of the same amount
    • Medical coverage with 50% of employee contribution
    • Repatriation insurance paid by HI
  • Salary from 2757 € gross/month upon experience
  • Perdiem : 550 € net/month – paid in the field
  • Hardship : 500 € net/month paid with your salary
  • Paid leaves : 25 days per year;
  • R&R : 5 days every 8 weeks => + possible transport/package support.
  • Position:
    • unaccompanied
      • Payment for travel costs (air ticket & visa) and transport of your personal effects (from 12 months of mission)
      • Mission of more than 12 months : a child allowance of 100€ per month, per child (from the second child) paid in the field
  • Housing : Collective taken in charge by HI

If you are resident in the country : local package

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