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HER Fund awarding Small Grants for Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls- Hong Kong

HER Fund awarding Small Grants for Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls- Hong Kong

Deadline: 31 October 2019

HER Fund is seeking applications for its program entitled “Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls” (hereafter “VAW project”) which is a new grant-making project funded by Kering Foundation.

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The small grants support is a seed grant and a unique source that allow new initiatives for marginalized women to realize and to grow.

Type of support

  • Grant 3 group/ organization maximum HK$150,000 grant for 2.5 years (Project period: Jan 2020 – Jun 2022) to implement the project
  • Capacity building programme to strengthen organizations’ capacity. (The capacity building plan will be discussed with the grantee partner with tailor made to fit the size and capacity of different organization)
  • Support from HER Fund including networking, capacity building, resource mobilization and monitoring and evaluation etc.

Funding priorities

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Primary priorities

  • Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls among Young Girls
    • In the VAW project, they will solely give funding support to projects implement prevention programme to young girl (Aged 25 or below) in specific, to empower marginalised group in Hong Kong, such as lesbians, teenage girls, ethnic minority women, etc.

Secondary priorities

  • Fighting for Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls
    • Access to the internet is fast becoming a necessity for economic well-being, and is increasingly viewed as a fundamental human right. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the digital public space is a safe and empowering place, especially for women and girls. In the VAW project, they will prioritize to projects implement programme to tackle Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls.
    • Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls engaging young men and boys Engaging young men and boys is recommended as it is important to help shift norms, attitudes and behaviours, including traditional definitions of masculinity, that condone violence. In the VAW project, they will prioritize to projects implement prevention programme engaging young men and boys (aged 25 or below)

Selection criteria

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Primary Criteria

  • Capacity of Organization/ Project Content
  • Show feminist understanding/ gender perspective in the analysis of the situation and types of violence they are addressing;
  • Has a vision of potential impact of the project; understands how their work can contribute to concrete change in women’s / girls’ situation;
  • If the group is non-self-organizing, the project should include the target group in decisionmaking structures and processes;
  • Addressing broader social change from gender perspective;
  • Demonstrates a feasible and appropriate project design, work approach and budget with gender perspective;

Secondary criteria

  • Positioning of the organization in relation to other efforts in promoting women’s status and conditions in Hong Kong (and/or. regionally, internationally);
  • Past performance and record with HER Fund;
  • Possibility of accessing funding support;
  • Innovativeness of the project.


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HER Fund does not give grant to:

  • Organizations or groups whose mission and vision are against human rights
  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Political parties
  • Scholarships
  • Target participants are not in Hong Kong

How to Apply

Applicants can apply online via given website.

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Eligible Country: Hong Kong

For more information, please visit

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