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Hasanah Special Grant 2022 in Malaysia

Hasanah Special Grant 2022 in Malaysia

Deadline: 21-Jun-22

Applications are now open for the Hasanah Special Grant 2022.

Enhancing school leadership and maximizing student potential
Building Mental Health (MH) system capacity and raising awareness
Providing continuous educational support to students and teachers due to the impact caused by the pandemic
Supporting and empowering 7 identified communities that will see a sustained improvement in income and wellbeing through the Hasanah Community Based Approach (CBA) model
Developing and enhancing community leadership (develop leaders who can self-organise and lead their communities in undertaking collective efforts to improve their quality of life)
Empowering communities through livelihood programmes
Improving the well-being of the community with the focus on mental health due to the impact caused by the pandemic
Perak Sustainability – focus on restoration, conservation and protection of selected critical ecosystem linkages in Perak
Plastics – focus on initiatives that reduce plastic waste in selected communities, schools and workplace areas
Environmental conservation & restoration – building and enhancing the related supports to affected area/subject due to the impact caused by the pandemic
Preservation and conservation of “endangered” textiles, creating an outreach and economic platform, and copyrights
Continuous support for Arts and the artisans due to the impact caused by the pandemic
Focus Areas
Community Development
Arts & Public Spaces
Funding Information
Depending on the duration and nature of each project, the grant amount they offer may vary. A maximum of RM2,500,000 can be awarded for projects spanning over three years, while pilot projects and shorter projects are eligible for a smaller amount.
They focus on achieving long-term impact. To this effect, they provide two types of funding:
Organisational Development Funding (ODF) aimed at strengthening their partners’ operations
Programme Management Funding (PMF) aimed at supporting the sustainability of initiatives
What they look for?
Full registration with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) or the Registrar of Companies (ROC) or the Trustees (Incorporation) Act 1952 for at least 2 years
Audited financial accounts for the past 2 years
Active efforts to drive positive change in the community
Projects which give measurable results
Ideas and initiatives which are replicable or scalable
Long-term thinking and planning
Potential to become a voice in policymaking
What they do no support?
Individual sponsorships, including those for participation in workshops, seminars, or studies
Projects which are not aligned with their focus areas
Projects which promote political campaigns
Purchase of equipment or purchase/renovation of buildings for commercial purposes
Projects primarily aimed at charitable donations and profit-making activities
On-going projects which are already funded by a Hasanah grant
Faith-based activities
Eligibility Criteria
In order to be eligible for a grant, the applicant must:

be legally and locally registered with relevant authorities (Registrar of Societies or the Companies Commission) in Malaysia or a registered company under the Companies Act 1965 for social enterprises or a registered organisation under the Trustees (Incorporation) Act 1952 (in selected cases, grants may be channeled to organisations registered in foreign jurisdictions but carry out programmes in Malaysia and impacting Malaysia);
have been formed and registered at least two years prior to being considered for Hasanah’s grant award – if organisation was previously established under a different name and was operational for at least or more than two years under said name, applicant must provide evidence of such;
have audited financial accounts for two consecutive years (over the past 3 years), or copies of acknowledgement receipt of 2 years annual report submission to Registrar of Societies or copies of 2 years income tax submission to Inland Revenue Board;
be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the proposal and not be acting as an intermediary;
track record of working with communities for the past 2 years;
demonstrate capacity and structures in place to immediately commence the project;
have an internal audit process for its annual audit.
Other related eligibility criteria
The applicant may be a co-applicant in another application at the same time
Applicant can be a social enterprise – defined as organisations or registered companies whose primary mission is to support a social cause, and have a revenue source that is able to sustain their mission
Public institutions and consultancy may apply as co-applicants with another CSOs as the core applicant
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