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Groundswell: Rapid Response Fund (US)

Groundswell: Rapid Response Fund (US)

Deadline: 14-Jan-22

Groundswell’s Rapid Response Fund is now open for applications. The fund provides fast funding to grassroots organizations led by women of color, trans people of color, and low-income women and trans people in critical, but unexpected, fights to protect and advance reproductive and social justice.

A multi-issue fund, the Rapid Response Fund supports organizations on the frontlines, defending the most vulnerable communities with timely, flexible grants with an emphasis on funding in states and communities where women of color, transgender people of color, and low-income women and trans people-led organizing is under-resourced.
Funding information
Rapid Response Fund grant requests for 2022 may range from $ 5,000 to $ 20,000. On rare occasions, grounds well may consider requests of up to $ 25,000, yet the average grant size is $ 8,000.
What might the Rapid Response grants support?
A strategic organizing response to a public attack or a community crisis.
A strategic organizing response to advance solidarity and coordination of organizations working across issues to defend the most vulnerable communities.
A strategic organizing response to an unforeseen legislative or policy development.
A strategic organizing response to a new opportunity that is immediate, has a specific time frame, and is aligned with Groundswell Fund’s approach and priorities.
A short-term project or action that creates opportunities to organize and build coalitions and / or educate public o fficials or the general public.
Eligibility Criteria
Does your organization (or your Fiscal Sponsor) have an active 501 (c) (3) or 7871 (Indian Tribal Governments) US Internal Revenue Service tax-exempt status? If yes, you are eligible to apply.
The Rapid Response Fund does not fund:
501 (c) 4 organizations
Funding for individuals, personal projects, or personal needs such as personal health, emergency relief, and assistance, medical bills, rent, providing food or basic essentials to individuals
Direct service provision defined as meeting individuals’ basic immediate needs and other emotional and social supports
Travel expenses and conference fees
Academic scholarships, campus education, K-12 after school or youth education initiatives, school programs (public or private, K-12, university, or postsecondary)
Capital campaigns
Congregations / churches
Community arts and theater-based projects
Publications, media events, or research unless it is tied to an organizing strategy
Replacing revenue shortfalls or addressing cash flow challenges
Organizational development or infrastructure building costs
Leadership transitions
Ballot initiatives
General operating requests for ongoing work or existing programs that are not timely or urgent in response to sudde n shifts in the political climate such as an unexpected threat or an unforeseen opportunity to build power
For more information, visit https://groundswellfund.org/rapid-response-fund/#1596247109158-67b1c958-6b7b

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