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Groundswell Project Grant Round in Australia: Major Grant ($40,000) and Small Grant($10,000)

Groundswell Project Grant Round in Australia: Major Grant ($40,000) and Small Grant($10,000)

Deadline: 12-Oct-20

Applications are now open for the Groundswell Project Grant Program which aims to help a new generation of philanthropists learn to fund advocacy more strategically. The team of founders and advisors have been on both sides of philanthropy – both giving to the climate movement and other social movements, and asking philanthropic foundations for funds.

Groundswell is a new Giving Circle created in response to the climate crisis, delivering grants to strategic, high-impact climate advocacy in Australia.

Types of Funding

In consideration of the need to balance both long and short term gains in philanthropy, Groundswell grant rounds rotate between two types:

Project/campaign funding – funds to pay for specific climate advocacy projects carried out by people or organizations, such as an event, training, report, piece of polling, research or a communications tactic like advertising. Groundswell does project funding as part of donors’ learning journey because it’s an easy entry point into understanding climate advocacy.
Core, unrestricted funding – the grant recipient has the discretion to use the funds wherever they’re most needed. This often means paying for staff and costs related to them doing their jobs well, like budgets for communications, meetings, training, and professional development, technology costs like constituent relationship management systems, media monitoring, and bringing in contractors to accelerate big pieces of work or react to opportunities that come up.
Funding Information

$40,000 Major grant
$10,000 Small grant
Groundswell is interested in funding organizations tackling the Climate Crisis who:

Build the movement – activate new and strategic demographics or sectors to get involved in tackling the climate crisis;
Change the story – build urgency for stronger action from trusted voices in the community;
Shift the money – dry up the pipeline of funding to fossil fuel companies;
Change the politics – enable greater leadership within state and Federal Governments.

Groundswell is open to all applications, but are conscious that small to medium-sized organizations have the least access to major donors and large donor databases, so these sized organizations (under $5 million revenue a year) are strongly encouraged to apply.
Please note they do not offer funding to for-profit organizations or businesses.
Groundswell knows that conservation and restoration are critical factors in solving the Climate Crisis, however, Groundswell funding is targeted specifically at advocacy work.
Funding is available for project/ campaign activities that will occur from October 2020 onward and spent within a 12-month time-frame.
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