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Green Schools Fund in the UK

Green Schools Fund in the UK

Deadline: 8-Jun-22

Applications are now open for the Green Schools Fund.

Priority will be given to applications that can demonstrate some level of matched resources; either ‘in kind’ through student/teacher time, or other resources such as financially (matching, crowd-funding, etc.). Matching resources is not essential for applications however and they encourage applications of all types to come forward.

Funding Information
Grants are expected to be up to £2,500. Larger grants may be considered where significant added value or matched funding is demonstrated in the application.

Projects put forward for consideration should be environmental improvement schemes or ideas which are designed to:
Reduce waste
Improve Biodiversity
Reduce Litter
Reduce Energy consumption
Enhance community transport
Projects and applications for funding must be designed and led by students, with Teacher/Staff support.
What they can fund?
Partial or full costs for any activity required to facilitate the project, where reasonable, up to £2,500
Core costs, where these are required to enable voluntary work or to deliver a defined project outcome
Eligibility Criteria
School Councils or similar student bodies affiliated to schools operating in the area administered by Buckinghamshire Council, if the application is supported by the school and the school agrees to act as recipient and caretaker of the funds.
Nurseries, pre-schools, and any schools where fees are charged to attend, will not be eligible for consideration.
For more information, visit https://heartofbucks.org/green-schools-fund/

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