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Grants for Personal Projects in the Field of Health Care (Ukraine)

Grants for Personal Projects in the Field of Health Care (Ukraine)

Deadline: 21-Oct-20

House of Europe is seeking proposals for Grants for Personal Projects in the Field of Health Care to help you gain new experiences, pump skills, and share ideas with others.

Seed Grants
The EU or the United Kingdom must be involved in the project. It’s about a two-way flow of experiences, so you can learn from European experts or share your thoughts.


In general – anything that fascinates you and that can be useful for Ukraine. The priority is the following topics:

Modern procedures and international clinical protocols;
Development of skills and competencies of doctors and nurses;
Consultations with colleagues from the EU and the UK on family medicine, emergency medicine, pediatrics, and palliative care;
Use of modern equipment;
Patient-oriented approach;
Medical ethics.
Funding Information

From 1,000 to 4,000 euros for the implementation of a personal project.

The incentive to implement an idea for which there was a lack of funding;
A portfolio project that you implement as you see fit and that your colleagues and future employers know about;
Opportunity to share experiences and present their experiences to colleagues from the EU and the UK;
Opportunity to gain new knowledge in the field and pump managerial, leadership, and communication skills.
Eligibility Criteria

House of Europe accepts applications only from professionals who have reached the age of majority. There are no other age restrictions.
Only citizens of Ukraine and only those living on its territory can apply.
They only accept individual applications, team projects are not suitable for this opportunity.
You can submit only one application within one competition.
If you do not win this time, apply for the next competition, or choose another House of Europe option.
You can receive a grant for a personal project only once. However, you can still apply for other opportunities at the House of Europe.
One organization can submit several applications within one competition – from different employees. However, only one of them will be able to receive a grant.
This opportunity is designed for doctors and nurses working in the following areas:
family medicine;
emergency medicine;
palliative care.
You can apply:
independently. To do this, you need a private individual with the appropriate activity codes.
paired with the employer or organization you work with. To do this, the organization must be a registered legal entity that can accept grant aid: LLC, public organization, charitable foundation, university, etc. The organization will sign the agreement, receive a grant on its own account, and report on its own behalf. Project management and the grant application are up to you.
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