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Grants for Personal Projects in the Field of Education in Ukraine

Grants for Personal Projects in the Field of Education in Ukraine

Deadline: 21-Oct-20

House of Europe has launched the Grants for Personal Projects in the Field of Education to help you gain new experiences, pump skills and share ideas with others. House of Europe is an EU -funded programme fostering professional and creative exchange between Ukrainians and their colleagues in EU countries. The programme focuses on different professional fields: culture and creative industries, education, health, social entrepreneurship, media, and youth.

Seed Grants
These grants support projects designed and led by individual professionals from participation in long wished-for online courses to launching their own educational projects. The initiative must be a powerful boost for professional and leadership skills, turning its manager into a change agent for their community.

The EU or the United Kingdom must be involved in the project. It’s about a two-way flow of experiences, so you can learn from European experts or share your thoughts.

In general – anything that fascinates you and that can be useful for Ukraine. The priority is the following topics:

Best practices in educational management and development of management skills
Getting to know the professional cultures of the EU and the UK
Practices and principles of teaching in the EU and the UK
Inclusion in learning
New Ukrainian school and competence approach to learning
Foreign language learning and multilingual education
Online learning
Funding Information

From 1,000 to 4,000 euros for the implementation of a personal project.

Incentive to implement an idea for which there was a lack of funding.
A portfolio project that you implement as you see fit and that your colleagues and future employers know about.
Opportunity to share experiences and present their experiences to colleagues from the EU and the UK.
Opportunity to gain new knowledge in the field and pump managerial, leadership and communication skills.
What kind of activities can be funded?

Participation in fee-based skill development programmes offered by organizations from the EU online courses, workshops, masterclasses, internships, mentoring programmes, etc.
Participation in fee-based events offered by organizations from the EU: online conferences, networking events, forums, residencies, etc.
Conduction of online surveys in the EU.
Remote research in archives, libraries, museums, institutes, laboratories in the EU.
Design of skill development events for Ukrainian peers featuring experts from the EU: online workshops, master classes, lectures, podcasts, blogs, etc.
Design of projects to present your ideas and expertise to peers from the EU: online workshops, masterclasses, lectures, digital exhibitions, performances, podcasts, blogs, etc.
Design of events for peers from the EU and Ukraine: online roundtable discussions, hackathons, networking events, forums, conferences, etc.
Development of creative, research, and educational projects in collaboration with colleagues from the EU.
Other projects that do not fall under these categories, but will be beneficial for you, your organization, or professional community.
Which expenses are covered by the grant?

External services costs: participation in events and online courses, professional consultations, mentoring, etc.
Marketing costs: design, copywriting, video and photo production, social media marketing, etc.
Administration costs: rent of space, equipment, etc.
Digital materials and tools: purchase of software, etc.
Remuneration for experts, facilitators, etc.
Other costs directly related to the implementation of the project. Note that you are responsible for paying all necessary taxes. Please account for taxes when calculating the budget, and include them in the budget form if you want us to cover them.
Which expenses cannot be covered?

Ongoing organizational costs, e.g. office rent, salaries;
Costs covered by other sources of funding;
Costs not indicated in the budget;
Purchase of equipment and renovation;
Coverage of the grant recipient’s indebtedness;
Bank fees and commissions;
Taxi rides;
Costs or preparation of the grant application;
Project-related costs that occurred before the start of the project;
Other costs not directly related to the implementation of the project.
Eligibility Criteria

House of Europe accept applications only from professionals who have reached the age of majority. There are no other age restrictions.
Only citizens of Ukraine and only those living on its territory can apply.
They only accept individual applications, team projects are not suitable for this opportunity.
You can submit only one application within one competition.
If you do not win this time, apply for the next competition or choose another House of Europe option.
You can receive a grant for a personal project only once. However, you can still apply for other opportunities House of Europe.
One organization can submit several applications within one competition – from different employees. However, only one of them will be able to receive a grant.
This feature is designed to:
management of schools and vocational schools of teachers, vocational schools, universities and postgraduate education institutions;
representatives of non-formal education.
You can apply:
independently. To do this, you need a private individual with the appropriate activity codes.
paired with the employer or organization you work with. To do this, the organization must be a registered legal entity that can accept grant aid: LLC, public organization, charitable foundation, university, etc. The organization will sign the agreement, receive a grant on its own account and report on its own behalf. Project management and grant application are up to you.
Exclusion Criteria

Please note that we may not award a grant if you or your applying
organization are:

Criminally convicted;
Under criminal investigation;
Arrested or charged and awaiting a trial;
Have a civil court judgement against you;
Bankrupt, subject to insolvency or winding-up procedures;
In breach of its obligations relating to payment of taxes or social security contribution;
Guilty of professional misconduct;
Violating intellectual property rights;
Attempting to obtain confidential information;
Guilty of fraud, corruption, conduct related to criminal organization, money laundering or terrorist financing, terrorist-related offences.
Who can apply?

If you are a private entrepreneur with corresponding economic activity codes in your field, you may apply for a grant directly. Note that we cannot award grants to a third party with a status of a private person entrepreneur. This means we will not be able to transfer the money to your family member or friend.
If you are a natural person, you must undertake an individual project in collaboration with a legal entity, that will apply on your behalf and will be the responsible party in the project implementation, including reporting.
Only organizations, which have the right to receive grant support, are eligible to be an applying organization: NGO, Limited Liability Company, state university, charity fund, etc. You must receive an informed consent from the head of the applying organization to submit this grant
What is needed to apply?

You must be a citizen of Ukraine, who currently resides in Ukraine.
You must be at least 18 years of age.
You must lead the project on your own. Group applications are not eligible.
You can submit only one application within one open call.
Several people from the same organization can apply for funding, but we reserve the right to award a grant only to one individual from that same organization.
Grant recipients of the House of Europe mobility grant are not eligible for funding by the individual project grant.
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