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Grant to Create a Network on Public Safety and Social Cohesion in Kherson Region

Grant to Create a Network on Public Safety and Social Cohesion in Kherson Region

Deadline: 25-Feb-21

The United Nations Program for Reconstruction and Peacebuilding has announced a program whose purpose is to provide information on the competition for grants in the areas of social cohesion and public safety for non-governmental organizations operating in the Kherson region.

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The UN Peacebuilding Program is implemented by four UN agencies: the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the United Nations Framework for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (UN Women), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. (FAO).

The program is supported by twelve international partners: the European Union, the European Investment Bank, the US Embassy in Ukraine, as well as the governments of Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, and Japan.


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The main objectives of the project are:

Creating and developing the capacity of working groups on public safety and social cohesion in the target communities of the Kherson region as open dialogue platforms, in particular:
on the basis of previous dialogues with the main stakeholders to initiate and standardize the activities of the Working Groups on Public Safety and Social Cohesion at the local level as an advisory body in 4 target communities of Kherson region;
adherence to the principles of gender equality and inclusiveness in the formation of the working groups and the network of leaders/coordinators and in their further work in the partner communities;
based on the identified needs, the organization of activities to develop the capacity of members of working groups (including the organization and conduct of training in writing project applications, project management, advocacy, media literacy, etc.), the organization of supervision and intervision support for their activities;
improving coordination, interaction, and exchange of experiences of working groups on public safety and social cohesion between partner communities, including in local decision-making and budgeting.
monitoring the implementation of decisions taken at meetings of working groups on public safety and social cohesion.
organization of activities aimed at strengthening the role and influence of the network at the oblast and/or national levels (for example, in the format of round tables, seminars, a publication of monitoring results, etc.);
development of profiles of target communities on a party-passive basis in Henicheskaya OTG, Novotroitskaya OTG, Prysyvaska OTG, Chaplinskaya OTG;
development and effective implementation of public safety plans in Henichesk OTG, Novotroitsk OTG, Prysyva OTG, Chaplyn OTG;
Involvement of local stakeholders in addressing relevant issues of social cohesion and public safety in working groups.
Supporting leadership and human development at the local level by organizing a system of support for leaders/coordinators in partner communities. Coordinating leaders are expected to receive technical, methodological, and organizational support for:
organizing and conducting seminars / workshops on the exchange of innovations and practices of civic activity, volunteering, facilitation, and moderation of group discussions, networking in the field of public safety and social cohesion, etc. (at least 4 seminars per year);
advisory and organizational support for local volunteer initiatives, projects of initiative groups and public organizations in matters of public safety and social cohesion;
initiating and supporting activities in the Kherson region of a local network of leaders/coordinators in partner communities in the field of “Public Safety and Social Cohesion”;
support and advice on the development of the institutional capacity of public organizations and (if necessary) assistance in their legal registration, as well as on forms of local democracy and methods of their improvement;
information support and document circulation in the activities of working groups on public safety and social cohesion (webinars, video tutorials with information on working with cloud services, documents, etc.).
Ensuring timely wide coverage of the content and results of working groups in local and regional media, on the official websites of local governments, other information resources, including but not limited to:
creation and/or development of existing information resources (including pages on social networks, web platforms, official websites of local self-government bodies, their regular information content, support and moderation in the field of “Public safety and social cohesion”;
regular (at least once a month) updating of information on the activities of working groups on existing information resources;
active involvement of media partners in covering the activities of working groups;
preparation and printing of printing products to cover the process of working groups (printing of newsletters, recording success stories, etc.).
Expected Results

A working group on public safety and social cohesion in each of the target communities has been established and is an effective platform for participatory decision-making and coordination between representatives of the public sector, initiative groups, government, local government, business, security service providers (police, SES). , social services, etc .;
Strengthened leadership potential in the target communities of the project through systematic support of the leaders/coordinators of working groups and differentiated technical, methodological, and organizational support;
An effective system for monitoring the activities and encouraging innovation and disseminating best practices in a network of working groups on public safety and social cohesion has been established;
Worked out effective mechanisms to ensure the sustainability of working groups, taking into account the local characteristics of each community and the network as a whole;
Established effective communication on the content, decisions and results of working groups, as well as their impact on life processes in the community through the most convenient communication channels for different audiences, taking into account the local specifics of each community;
4 community profiles should be developed in Henicheska OTG, Novotroitskaya OTG, Prysyva OTG, Chaplynska OTG;
4 public safety plans should be developed in Henicheska OTG, Novotroitskaya OTG, Prysyva OTG, Chaplynska OTG;
More detailed quantitative indicators on the expected results will be developed together with the successful organization.

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The duration of the project is 10 months in the Kherson region. The project will start on March 1, 2021.
Eligibility Criteria

Public or charitable organizations that will submit project proposals for this competition must meet the following mandatory requirements:

Be officially registered with the status of a legal entity in the territory of Kherson region and implement their activities in the territory of the region for which the application is submitted;
Have the status of a non-profit or charitable organization (non-profit codes 0032, 0034, 0036, 0038, 0039, or 0048);
Have experience of 3 years in accordance with the theme of the competition (in the field of public safety, community mobilization, and development, police-community interaction on the basis of partnership, social cohesion, gender equality, raising public awareness of the rights and needs of ATO and OOS veterans and other vulnerable groups population, assistance to victims of GON);
Have confirmed experience in implementing at least two projects on the subject of the competition and reporting on them;
Have appropriate specialists and project staff for its implementation (project manager, financial specialist/accountant, and other specialists according to the needs of the project). If the involvement of specialists is envisaged only if the project proposal is supported, the descriptive application should contain the key requirements for each of the specialists envisaged by the project (profile education, work experience, etc.).
Have previous experience at the expense of international donors;
Have experience in moderating processes that promote development in communities (strategic planning, development of community statutes and regulations that promote citizen involvement in community governance, etc., mentoring communities in writing grant applications and implementing projects).
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