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Good Neighbor Citizenship® Company Grants Program (United States)

Good Neighbor Citizenship® Company Grants Program (United States)

Deadline: 31-Oct-20

The State Farm is currently accepting applications for its Good Neighbor Citizenship® Company Grants program.

Seed Grants
State Farm and the State Farm Companies Foundation value diversity and inclusiveness. Charitable funding is intended to advance access, equity, and inclusiveness while discouraging harmful discrimination based on age, political affiliation, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity, or religious beliefs.

State Farm makes it their business to be like a good neighbor, helping to build safer, stronger, and better-educated communities across the United States. Through the company grants, they focus on three areas: safety, education, and community development.

Funding Information

The Grant amount requested must be $5,000 or more.
Focus Areas

Safety Grants: State Farm values the importance of keeping the neighbors safe. The national and local funding is directed toward:
Auto and roadway safety;
Teen Driver Education;
Home safety and fire prevention;
Disaster preparedness;
Disaster recovery.
Community Development: Strong neighborhoods are the foundation of a strong society. they are committed to maintaining the vibrancy of the communities by assisting nonprofits that support: affordable housing, first-time homeowners, neighborhood revitalization, financial literacy, job training, and small business development. Through community outreach and community development grants and investments, State Farm gives back to the neighborhoods it serves and helps develop stronger neighborhoods by reinvesting in the community. The national and local funding is directed toward:
Affordable Housing;
Job training;
Neighborhood Revitalization;
Small business Development;
Financial Literacy;
First Time Homeownership.
Education Grants: The education funding is directed toward initiatives that support:
Academic performance improvement programs that impact K-12 students.
Education initiatives that more directly support underserved individuals (13 years and older), helping them enroll in post-secondary education and obtain the skills and credentials they need to be successful in today’s workforce.
Service-learning programs that provide students opportunities to connect and apply learning skills from the classroom to address unmet needs that exist in their community.
Teacher development programs.
Eligibility Criteria

The charitable contributions may be awarded to:

Educational institutions;
Programs conducted by Municipal, county, state, or federal government entities that align with the State Farm® charitable focus;
501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organizations;
501(c)(4) volunteer fire companies;
501(c)(6) chambers of commerce.
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