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Global Call for Interdisciplinary Research on “Mobility – Global Medicine and Health Research”

Global Call for Interdisciplinary Research on “Mobility – Global Medicine and Health Research”

Deadline: 17 April 2020

The four independent private foundations ”la Caixa” Foundation (Spain), Welcome (UK), the Volkswagen Foundation (Germany) and Novo Nordisk Foundation (Denmark) have jointly initiated this global call for interdisciplinary research on “Mobility – Global Medicine and Health Research”.

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The purpose of this call is to promote multi-perspective research on how global mobility influences general health, various health determinants and the well-being of local and mobile populations, and how the effects of mobility can be addressed in a sustainable way. Furthermore, proposals that challenge current dogmas in Global Medicine and Health research are welcome;
In this call the Foundation want to support research that benefits the fields of Global Medicine and Health Research in a sustainable manner, creating additional value beyond the funding period. The Foundation aim to fund projects that are highly original and innovative, and which address understudied and underfunded research areas;
The Foundation want to fund research that enables scientists and academics from the so-called High-Income Countries (HICs) and Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) to work together on an equal footing and in which all parties benefit from the joint research work. Engagement of early career researchers is highly encouraged.
Research Fields

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The overall research subject of this call is Mobility – Global Medicine and Health Research, with a focus on the disruption of the established preconceptions within global/cross-border medicine and health systems;
The overarching Mobility theme focuses on research into health-related questions regarding the mobility of people (migrants, refugees, tourists, (un) documented workers etc.), its effects and repercussions and various aspects of the mobility of populations.
Funding Information

There are two funding stages in the application procedure. The selected 1st stage applicants will be invited to proceed to the 2nd application stage.

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Up to 15 unrestricted preparatory grants of €50,000 each for a 10-month period will be awarded to the shortlisted 1st stage applicants, who will be invited to form consortia, design the final project, and submit a full 2nd stage project proposal by 1 June 2021;
A total grant fund of €9 million is available for project grants of up to €1.5 million per project, for 4 to 6 projects of a 3 to 5-year duration. Each grant will be funded by the foundation based on the country in which the main applicant is located. Each foundation will independently award 1-2 grant(s).
Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, an application should meet the following requirements:

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The scientific background of the participating project team members is not restricted and should be based on the needs of the project. Cross-disciplinary collaboration, e.g. between life sciences and social sciences, is encouraged;
The consortium must consist of one main applicant and 2 to 4 co-applicants;
The number of partners in LMICs must match (or exceed) those in HICs, meaning that a minimum of two partners must be from research institutions located in LMICs. If the consortium includes only two co-applicants from LMICs, these should be from two different countries;
The main applicant must be an established researcher within their field of research;
The main applicant must be from a research institution in Denmark, Germany, Spain, Portugal or the United Kingdom;
Co-applicants can be researchers at different stages of their academic careers. However, PhD students cannot be co-applicants;
A significant part of the research must be performed locally in LMICs and include close collaboration with the local communities, stakeholders and other relevant parties;
NGOs and/or NPOs (non-profit organisations) can be collaborators in the projects and must be subcontracted by a research institution.
How to Apply

The application must be completed in English and submitted using the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s online application and grant management system via given website.

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For more information, visit https://bit.ly/37xd8nQ

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