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GGBCF seeking Proposals for Basic Needs Giving Partnership – United States

GGBCF seeking Proposals for Basic Needs Giving Partnership – United States

Deadline: Ongoing

The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation (GGBCF) is seeking proposals for the Basic Needs Giving Partnership to address the systemic, root causes of economic inequality by supporting and partnering with leaders, organizations, and regional networks who work to advance shared economic prosperity across NE Wisconsin.

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The Basic Needs Giving Partnership is investing an additional $1.7 million dollars in Brown, Kewaunee, and Oconto counties above and beyond the regular grant funds. They realize demand for services is increasing in response to the pandemic while revenue streams for nonprofits are decreasing.

Funding Information

Single or multi-year grant funding is available, with multi-year grants typically up to $300,000 over three years.

View and receiving grant information
Initiative Grants: Support to help initiate, enhance or expand a specific innovative project or program with clear goals and measured outcomes.
Research and Advocacy: Grants to nonprofits that conduct nonpartisan studies, engage in public awareness campaigns, and promote collaboration among nonprofit, public, and civic groups around critical community issues.
Capacity Building: Grants that enhance agencies’ abilities to meet shared missions and goals or position an organization to increase an initiative’s scale and ability to meet community needs.
Operational Needs: Grants that support general operating expenses.
Planning Work: Initiatives working to explore or create a program or system change.
Regional Collaborative Grants: Projects that serve more than one community foundation service area.
Impact Areas

Consideration will be given to program proposals that address the outlined impact areas:

Economic Stability: One component of achieving self-sufficiency is access to specialized education or training in an environment that provides pathways to employment opportunities, the ability to earn a living wage, and the capacity to create and build assets.
Education: Providing every child with a high-quality education is among the most important responsibilities as a community. Educational attainment is an incredibly consequential factor in determining whether children will reach their full potential as healthy, self-sufficient adults.
Health and Wellness: Healthy communities are strong communities. When residents are at their best health they are active community members free from physical and mental illness, chronic disease, and injury. They are surrounded by opportunities to exercise, eat healthy, and live and play in safe neighborhoods.
Family Support and Social Connectedness: Social connectedness refers to an individual’s engagement in an interactive web of key relationships within a community. They envision a community in which all people are connected to the people, networks, processes, and systems they need to live healthy, productive, and meaningful lives. Strong formal relationships between organizations and support services can help better ensure that services are delivered and promote a client’s sense of well-being.
For more information, visit https://www.ggbcf.org/-Grants-Scholarship-Seekers/Basic-Needs-Giving-Partnership

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