GFA Consulting Group recruits 01 WATER RESOURCES SPECIALIST

GFA Consulting Group recruits 01 WATER RESOURCES SPECIALIST

Posted on: 2 Apr, 2019
Project status: Tender
Project title: Enhanced Water Security and Sanitation Programme (ENWASS) Lot 1: Water for Production (WfP) Operation and Maintenance (O&M) strategy and plan and the technical and management manuals
Period of project: 09/2019 –02/2020
Duration of assignment: up to 4 months
Country: Uganda
Job code: ARD-UGA19GIZ0137/3
Project description
The overall goal for the development of WfP is to promote development of cost-effective and sustainable water supply and water management for increased production and contribution to the modernization of the agricultural sector in Uganda with a focus on poverty reduction and minimal environmental impacts in Karamoja region.
To fulfil this goal, the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) defined objectives, strategies and key areas of intervention for the WfP sub-sector in its Sector Investment Plan of 2015-16 to 2019-20. One of the objectives of the sub-sector is to increase the functionality and utilization of WfP facilities.
To achieve the sub-sector objective, the Department of Water for Production (DWfP) seeks to review and update the O&M Strategy and Plan that was developed in 2008 and to develop O&M Technical and Management Manuals for WfP facilities.
Main activities:
Under this assignment, the following tasks are going to be performed:
1) Carry out a comprehensive situation analysis on operation, maintenance and management of WfP facilities across the country;
2) Review and update the O&M Strategy and Implementation Plan for the sustainable management of WfP facilities;
3) Review and update the O&M Sustainable Management Manual for WfP facilities;
Develop the O&M Technical Manual for WfP facilities and related posters.
Job description
– On-site assignment for up to four expert months;
– Supporting the team leader in achieving the four mentioned project tasks in high quality and in time.
– Master’s degree in water resources management;
– 10 years technical experience in integrated planning at several levels such as catchments, sub-catchments and micro-catchments;
– Work experience in Sub-Saharan African countries (2 missions)
 -Knowledge, skills and experiences in planning and implementing water source protection measures for WfP facilities and integrated water resources management is highly desired;
– Excellent command of the spoken and written English language.
Contact person
  Ingrid Wawrzynowicz wawrzynowicz@gfa-group.de
Please read carefully our CONSENT TO THE USE OF PRIVATE DATA : https://www.gfa-group.de/jobs/downloads/569545/Consent_of_use_private_data_EN-GER.pdf

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