Posted on: 3 May, 2019
Application by: 31 May, 2019
Project status: Expression of interest
Project title: ‘Inclusive Contract Farming Advisory Facility’ KULIMA More Income and Employment in Rural Areas in Malawi (KULIMA MIERA)
Period of project: 01 Sep, 2019 – 31 Aug, 2021
Duration of assignment: 14 months (intermittend)
Country: Malawi
Job code: ARD-MWI19GIZ0206/1
Project description
The European Union and the German government have jointly commissioned GIZ Malawi to implement the programme KULIMA More Income and Employment in Rural Areas in Malawi (KULIMA MIERA). KULIMA MIERA aims to strengthen small-scale producers, cooperatives and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) to add value and to link them through formal or structured marketing channels to access higher-value markets and thus create an enabling Environment in which rural income and employment can be increased.
KULIMA MIERA offers a range of activties to their private sector Partners and their respectvie Inclusive Business Models (IB Models). The programme’s focus on rural areas and agriculture means that the main IB Models that KULIMA MIERA has been supporting partners to operate in practice are Inclusive Contract Farming (ICF) schemes. ICF should be seen as one specific form of IB Model, through which smallholder farmers are provided with access to better quality inputs and a guaranteed market for their production by a processor or other form of off taker. The MIERA  roject has developed a concept for an ‘Inclusive Contract Farming Advisory Facility’, with the remit of offering needs based and demand driven support packages to the KULIMA MIERA partners for developing and operating ICF schemes successfully. The purpose of this consultancy will be to implement this concept in partnership with the existing MIERA team in Malawi.
Job description
The Team Leader, International Long-term Expert, will lead and steer the project as well as function as the main focal Point for the KULIMA MIERA Programme in Malawi. The long-term expert will take on the role as the lead CFTA. The Lead CFTA should oversee all tasks and deliverables.
The following technical tasks will be expected by the CFTA
Demonstrate high level of knowledge of, and experience in, ICF, agri-business, smallholder farmers and Farmer Organisations (FOs),
Understand and develop a comprehensive understanding of the Malawian operating environment
Build relationships and communicate effectively – including making technical presentation – with various actors in Malawi to maintain effective relationships across different cultures and communicate with a wide range of stakeholders.
Conduct analysis and diagnostic to the required depth of the existing contract farming schemes in Malawi and develop “solutions” to address most problems encountered in ICF
Demonstrate effective problem-solving skills by (pro)actively analysing and anticipating challenges and suggesting way-forward to tackle issues at hand effectively
Develop realistic and appropriate action plans across a range of subjects that can enable private businesses to make progress on ICF
Demonstrate and integrate financial knowledge and skills to assess detailed ICF concepts/plans, Excel, etc, in the ICF analysis and planning processes
Manage the relationship with KULIMA MIERA Team as well as Partner relationship
Education/training: University qualification Master or equivalent in Agricultural Economics or Agricultural Development, Social Sciences, Development Economics or similar;
Language: Good business language skills in English;
General professional experience: 15 years of professional experience in agribusiness, value chain development and private sector development;
Specific professional experience: 10 years in the assessment, development and implementation of ICF schemes with the private sector in agricultural value chains.
Leadership/management experience: 6 years of management/Leadership experience as project team leader or manager in a Company;
Regional experience: 5 years of experience in projects in Southern Africa (region), out of which 2 years in projects in Malawi;
Development Cooperation (DC) experience: 6 years of experience in DC Projects;
Other: High level of familiarity with different international approaches to the promotion of Contract Farming.
Contact person
  Regine Reuter
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