GFA Consulting Group recruits 01 Emerging technologies and ai specialist print

GFA Consulting Group recruits 01 Emerging technologies and ai specialist print

GFA Consulting Group

Cabinet de recrutement
Posted on : 6 May, 2020
Application by : 18 May, 2020
Project status : Tender
Project title : Developing a national AI policy and implementation plan for the Republic of Rwanda
Period of project : approx. 01.07.2020 until 28.04.2021
Duration of assignment : 35 working days
Country : Rwanda
Job code : DIU-RWA20GIZ0188/3
Project description
The major objective of this assignment is to design a national AI policy including a detailed implementationplan  for  Rwandawith  all  relevantstakeholders,  which  willenable  the
mass  socio-economic  opportunitiesAI  systems pose  butalso  mitigate  potentialharms  and risks. Specifically, the national AI policy should be designed to serve a set of defined objectives, spanning across domains like research and development, talent development, digital literacy, data  access, ethical  precautions,innovation  and  physical/digital  infrastructure.  The policy should be in line with national SWOT analysis and focus on specific targets.
Tasks :
– Conduct research on and advise on AI use cases in different sectors of the Rwandan economy and society in general, including technical requirements
– Advise on skills required in the Rwandan workforce to harness the potential of AI
The Key Expert should have the following qualifications and experience :
– A Master’s degree in Computer Science, AI, or related field
– Good business language skills in English
– 5 years of technical experience in the area of emerging technologies
– 3 years of experience in building systems and models based on machine learning and AI and experience in skills-building and AI;
– 2 years in project management
– Solid experience with big data, data mining, predictive modelling and statistical tools
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