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German Embassy in Ukraine offering Financial Support to Micro Projects

German Embassy in Ukraine offering Financial Support to Micro Projects

Deadline: 21 February 2020

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany is seeking applications to provide financial support to eight technical cooperation micro- projects – in 2020, new micro- projects will be promoted.

10+ Funders for Agriculture, Food and Nutrition
10+ Global Donors for Improving Lives of Children in Poor Countries
10+ Donors that believe in building NGO capacities for Civil Society Development
15+ Donors for Saving the Planet: Grants for Environment, Conservation and Wildlife
The German Embassy in Ukraine annually supports a limited number of micro-projects aimed at improving the living conditions of vulnerable people. These are projects that are implemented in the short term, usually up to three months. The necessary equipment for the projects is purchased in Ukraine.

Micro projects are short-term activities / projects (project should be implemented by 10/15/2020) aimed at improvement basic needs of the poor and vulnerable and to provide for long-term effect of the project.

In 2019, German Embassy were able to support eight micro projects.

20+ Donors standing up for Human Rights and Equality
10+ International Donors seeking to improve Access to Water, Hygiene and Sanitation
20+ Global Donors for Empowering Women and Girls
25+ Donors for the Empowerment of Youth
In cooperation with civil society initiatives and communal institutions, with the provision of their own significant contributions, the dining and kitchens of rural schools have been repaired and refurbished over the past few months, and therapeutic and training equipment for rehabilitation and rehabilitation centers purchased. in kindergartens and rural schools, as well as refurbishing the laundry room of an urban shelter for senior citizens.

Conditions for providing financial support to the project

The Embassy supports organizations / institutions / unions / non-governmental organizations in the the implementation of their projects by providing partial funding, provided that the applicant cannot carry out his project on his own. In any case, this means that the applicant’s own contribution is compulsory (also non-financial, for example, in the form of performing work on their own, providing transport services or premises, technical supervision or service).

Funding Information

The maximum amount of grant assistance provided by the Embassy is, usually 8,000 euros.

Support measures for individuals, condominiums, commercial businesses or authorities, as well as subsidies for running costs (salaries, supplies, electricity, gas, transportation costs, telephone accounts, etc.) of the applicant organizations are not possible.

Sample Proposals
Eligibility Criteria

Organizations / institutions / unions / non-governmental organizations from Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia regions apply to the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany (BUT not businesses and not Condominiums are associations of co-owners of apartment buildings) that are incapable self-finance your project. This is necessary use only the application form provided by the Embassy, ​​which must be completely filled.

Purchases to be made under the project are ongoing exclusively in Ukraine.

Wherever possible, at least three independent commercial entities should be assembled offers / estimates from local suppliers of goods or services and submit them in documented form (upon request).
The project should not lead to repeated Embassy commitments.
One organization / association / institution can only submit one application.
The project initiator / executor must be able to carry it independently running costs (staff, electricity, gas, heating, supplies)
Important Notes:

Only fully completed, understood and processed are considered and processed convincing applications with a financing plan.
The project conditions do NOT specify the minimum required the share of the financial contribution of the applicant or third party.
How to Apply

The application form can be found on the Embassy website.

Please fill in the form in a language that is convenient for you the attached brief description of the project (paragraph 5a) should only be made in German or English (max. 500 characters), followed by a form be signed by two responsible persons of the applicant organization. Application and an attached financing plan (see sample at the end of the form) must be attached clear and convincing. This is especially true of the project’s objective within the framework implementation of development cooperation policy (application point 5 b):

What deficits / problems should be addressed? Covered by this project?
What are the goals of this project?
To whom is the project intended / to whom will it benefit?
By what measures should its goals be achieved?
For more information, visit https://bit.ly/36xwgRp

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