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Geran Khas Hasanah 2020 Special Grant Program – Malaysia

Geran Khas Hasanah 2020 Special Grant Program – Malaysia

Deadline: 01-Oct-2020

The Hasanah Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia as part of the Economic Stimulus 2020 initiative, has launched a special grant to support social programs to improve the quality of life and restore the group’s targeted economy including the “poor family” or the B40 community, including vulnerable communities, for example. refugees, aborigines, seniors, homeless people, at-risk children, women and youth; and people with disabilities or people with special needs from Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.

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The guiding principles for providing funds are as follows:

to help improve the quality of life of poor families and help recover from the COVID-19 pandemic;
build resilience in the face of current challenges and;
enables the rapid mobilization of resources / energy to civil society organizations (“CSOs”), non-governmental organizations (“NGOs”) and social enterprises (“SEs”) to provide assistance.
Funding Information

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The maximum allocation for any project implementation is up to RM250,000. For the allocation of funds exceeding RM250,000, the proposals received will be carefully considered from time to time; and consideration is given to existing (or previous) Hasanah partners, who have also met the criteria set by Hasanah.
Duration: Project duration is approximately 3 to 12 months, from May 2020 to April 2021.
Eligible Programme

The types of activities which may be supported under this HSG 2020 fund includes:

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Activities that target and address the needs of the bottom 40% of underserved and vulnerable communities, living in Malaysia;
Activities that promote economic empowerment, building of human capital and social inclusivity; and that is able to re-start or generate new economic activities to sustain the community;
Provision of social services including counselling services (mental wellbeing and psychosocial support to vulnerable communities etc.) and protection of vulnerable women and children;
Educational, capacity building and training activities relevant to Hasanah’s Impact Areas;
In-house mentorship, training, pilot projects, aimed at strengthening the capacities of, Non-Governmental Organisations (“NGOs”) and communities, relevant to issues or challenges at the local and national level in Hasanah’s Impact Areas and exception areas.
Other eligibility criteria:

Proposed activities must demonstrate the ability to produce measurable outputs (shortterm results), and outcomes (mid-term results) in a selected Impact Area.
Applicant ideally should demonstrate the ability of the proposed activities to become a sustained part of the community resources once the project is over.
Eligibility Criteria

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In order to be eligible for this grant, applicants must be:

be legally and locally registered with relevant authorities (Registrar of Societies or the Companies Commission) in Malaysia or a registered company under the Companies Act 1965 for social enterprises (in selected cases, grants may be channelled to organisations registered in foreign jurisdictions but carry out programmes in Malaysia and impacting Malaysia);
have been formed and registered at least two years prior to being considered for HSG 2020 fund award – if organisation was previously established under a different name and was operational for more than two years under said name, applicant must provide evidence of this;
have audited financial accounts for one year, or submitted Annual Returns to the Registrar of Societies;
must be registered with Department of Social Welfare (JKM) to operate during MCO period;
be directly responsible for the preparation, implementation and management of the project and not be acting as an intermediary;
track record of working with communities for the past 2 years;
Demonstrate capacity and structures in place to immediately commence project
Priority will be given to:

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applicants with an operational presence and experience in targeted locations;
applicants with proven experience in coordinating and cooperating with relevant government departments for social program implementation;
applicants that demonstrate secure safety measures for their staff, volunteers and beneficiaries to work at all times.
Other related eligibility criteria:

The applicant may be a co-applicant in another application at the sametime.
Public institutions and consultancy may apply as co-applicants with another NGO/CSOs as the core applicant.
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