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GEF SGP Barbados announces 2021 Small Island Future Fest (SIFF)

GEF SGP Barbados announces 2021 Small Island Future Fest (SIFF)

Deadline: 30 March 2020

The Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Barbados has announced the Call for Proposals for the 2020 Small Island Future Fest (SIFF). The GEF SGP provides financial and technical support to projects that conserve and restore the environment while enhancing people’s well-being and livelihoods.

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The Small Island Future Fest is an important modality which aims to meet the capacity building objective of the programme, i.e. enhancing and strengthening capacities of NGOs/CBOs to engage in consultative processes, apply knowledge management to ensure information flows, implement convention guidelines, and monitor and evaluate environmental impacts and trends. It is an efficient mechanism to network and share experiences among the SGP grantees on one hand and to consolidate their capacity to influence the policy development processes through participation in events with key influential individuals or institutions on the other hand, as the Small Island Future Fests can be held in connection or in partnership with national conferences and development partners.


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The Small Island Future Fest, formerly known as the Green Knowledge Fair will seek to enable grantees and key stakeholders to network, share experiences, lessons learned and showcase best practices from SGP projects to promote the replication and scaling up of results for greater policy influence, as well as to promote sustainability and mobilise resources for community initiatives.

The three main objectives of the festival are as follows:

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Raise awareness about the environmental issues and the concepts of the green and blue economy in the Small Island Developing State (SIDs) context.
Demonstrate practical working sustainable models and showcase persons that are living in the reality of developing countries.
Create awareness on the SDGs among community members, the general public and concerned stakeholders.
Provide space for discussion on initiatives to promote environmental sustainability.
Promote sustainable living through demonstration of best practices.
Budget Information

The funding for the Small Island Future Fest should fall within the SGP global and country programme guidelines. It is advisable that the grant application does not exceed USD 50,000.

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Time Frame for deliverables

The SIFF is proposed to be held in June 2021 for World Environment Day/Environment month. The duration of the SIFF shall be for 1-2 days.
Final Report of Small Island Future Fest activities and outputs as well as on the use of funds to be submitted no later than 1 month after the end of the festival.
The publication of the portfolio review and case studies should be ready by May 2021 for distribution at the festival.
Expected Outputs

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The expected outputs of the SIFF are to be developed in consultation with the GEF SGP Barbados team and the National Steering Committee, are as follows:

Facilitation and coordination of the SIFF (based on checklist provided by SGP), inclusive of list of the grantees in attendance, organisation of information sessions to enable grantees to share experiences, successes and challenges associated with project implementation for establishing linkages and networking.
Proposal for the execution of activities, including preparation of supporting materials (e.g. guidance notes, toolkits, posters, brochures, seminars and videos). Supporting material should reflect results of the programme under country modality.
Successful organization and outreach to promote GEF SGP vision, objectives and understanding of its focal areas through the development of adequate supporting material.
A publication based on case studies of completed projects is produced and distributed.
A site visit of at least two (2) SGP Projects are arranged, near the venue where participants can observe results on the ground.
The inclusion of government partners and private sector agencies with a mandate that seeks to address global environment issues in the exhibition.
Final report documenting knowledge and lessons exchanged and presented during the festival and reporting on the implementation arrangements and results and including a detailed financial report.
Eligible Proponents

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Following SGP policy and guidelines, only legally registered national or local CSOs can submit proposals although international CSOs can be their support partners. Proponents should demonstrate experience in similar or related work/projects. However, in case of capacity limitations, the selected entity could, at its own discretion, outsource some services from third parties;
In the event the CBO/NGO decides to outsource the services, the GEF-SGP shall however not be responsible for nor enter into any correspondence, negotiations or agreements whatsoever with third parties.
For more information, visit https://ne-np.facebook.com/GEFSGPBarbados/posts/gefsgp-barbados-is-announcing-a-call-for-proposals-for-the-2021-small-island-fut/2451740948263246/

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