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Gatwick Airport Community Trust’s Grant Program in United Kingdom

Gatwick Airport Community Trust’s Grant Program in United Kingdom

Deadline: 21-May-21

The Gatwick Airport Community Trust is offering its grant program to support schemes that are targeted towards the development of young people, the arts, sporting facilities, environmental improvement and conservation, improvements to community facilities, volunteering, the elderly and the disabled.

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The Trust is independent charity that awards grants annually for deserving projects within the area of benefit covering parts of East and West Sussex, Surrey and Kent. In particular, funds are channelled to those areas where people are directly affected by operations at Gatwick Airport.
Priority Categories
Development of young people
Art projects including amateur drama, music, art
Sporting facilities
Environmental improvement and conservation
Improvements to community facilities such as village halls
Support for the disabled
Support for the elderly
Encouragement of additional volunteering or giving in the area
Funding Information
The minimum grant is £250. The Trust’s normal level of grants is from £1000-£5,000. Occasional larger grants may be considered if the impact is targeted to benefit a significant number of people and is considered to make a valuable and noticeable difference longer term.
Will the Trust fund all my project?
Trustees may offer part funding towards a specific element of your application. Alternatively, they may award a conditional grant where funding will only be released once the specific conditions have been met. These could be:
Raising additional funds in order to complete the project
Obtaining planning or other permissions such as a licence that are needed to proceed
Grants are not usually made where local authorities or other public bodies are responsible for funding, though sometimes joint funding can be agreed.
Trustees will NOT support the following
Projects or beneficiaries that are completely or largely outside the area of benefit
Recurrent expenditure or running costs
Ongoing costs, maintenance or deficits
Repeat annual applications for similar projects
Costs that should be funded from other sources e.g. public bodies
Applications from organisations that have statutory responsibilities such as local authorities, hospitals, schools, unless it is a project that is over and above their core activities
The purchase of land or buildings
Organisations that are working to make a profit for shareholders, partners or sole owners, nor to individuals.
Grants will not normally be made to organisations with excess ‘free’ reserves
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