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Galp Startup the Future – International Innovation Challenges

Galp Startup the Future – International Innovation Challenges

Deadline: 10-Sep-23

Galp is looking for impactful startups with innovative solutions that will help change the energy landscape.

In this second iteration of the Startup the Future Open Innovation Program, Galp will offer a unique chance for chosen startups to collaborate with Galp and accelerate their business. As An Energy Leader, Galp Is looking to provide innovative startups with expertise and resources as well as a chance to Co-Develop Pilots.

Startup the Future by Galp Upcoming Energies’ selection process will be entirely online. Selected startups will then have the chance to attend this years’ Web Summit in Lisbon with Galp.

What are they looking for?
  • Galp is calling on startups that offer game-changing solutions to the following challenges:
    • Bringing Energy to Everyone (Solutions to fight energy poverty by facilitating energy access to underdeveloped communities): Devoted to fighting energy poverty, hence facilitating energy access to underdeveloped communities.
    • Managing Data​: Aimed at maximizing flexibility and covering reliably the fluctuating energy needs in order to transition successfully to cleaner energies
    • Decarbonizing and Optimizing the Industry: Focused on industry efficiency, systems monitoring as well as heat decarbonization and consumer targeted battery solutions.
    • Scaling Energy Storage & Environmental Processes: To reduce the impact of the company’s operations on the environment along with procedures and hardware solutions to allow the transition to environmental conscious energy systems.
    • Harnessing Electric Mobility – Hosted by BMW & Mini: Dedicated to fleet optimization and electric mobility service solutions.
Why Should You Apply To The Program?
  • Unlock opportunities to:
    • Co-develop a fully funded pilot with Galp to test your business and gain access to new markets
    • Connect with the Galp Corporate Venture Capital team and world-class experts in the energy sector
    • Travel to Lisbon, Portugal, and showcase your solution at the Web Summit 2023
Why should you apply for the Program?
  • Accelerate your business by obtaining A testing ground and an opportunity for co-developing pilots in an agile environment to rapidly obtain results.
  • Access to a vast global business network, work hand in hand with World-class experts in the field and gain access to new markets.
  • Obtain industrial strategic support and build a working relationship with a global energy leader.
  • Your chance to come to Portugal to attend this year’s Web Summit and share your technology at Galp’s booth.
Eligibility Criteria
  • You are eligible if you are a Startup working on technology-based solutions for these challenges and are currently at least at an Experimental Proof-of-Concept stage (TRL 3-4).

For more information, visit Galp.

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