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Funding to Implement a Social Entrepreneurship Support Program

Funding to Implement a Social Entrepreneurship Support Program

Deadline: 21 February 2020

The call for applications for Local Structures is published as part of the project “WB6 Lab”, implemented by Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO), GROUPE SOS Pulse, South East European Youth Network (SEEYN), the Franco-German Youth Office and L’Institut Francais.

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The general objective of WB6 Lab is to open new spaces of reconciliation for the youth of the Western Balkan, through a regional program to support social entrepreneurship. This will enable young project leaders to develop innovative solutions to tackle the challenges faced by their communities.

The purpose of this call is to select six Local Structures (one in each Contracting Party of the project – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia), to enrol in the project and implement a social entrepreneurship support program at the regional level.

The project will enrich the regional ecosystem by supporting six local structures in strengthening their ability to provide support to social entrepreneurs. The six local structures will deliver a support program, composed of an ideation phase and a regional incubation phase and will assist the development of a total of 72 impacting projects.

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The support program for social entrepreneurs aims to promote dialogue and cooperation between actors and between territories through the mobility of participants, the organization of regional trainings, exchange workshops and events as well as the creation of a real network around ideation and incubation of the WB6 Lab programme. Social entrepreneurship, and more generally social and economy in the WB6 will create synergy and ultimately participate in the reconciliation of populations.


The project aims to contribute to the achievement of the following specific objectives:

Strengthening the capacity of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Western Balkans:
The capacities of six Local Structures supporting young project leaders are strengthened;
Youth aged 18-35 years old of the WB6 develop their socially impactful solutions for the development of their communities;
Social entrepreneurship projects are strengthened through a cross-border incubation program.
Raising awareness of entrepreneurship among people aged 15 and above, and key actors in the social economy and entrepreneurship in the Western Balkan:
A regional communication strategy is co-developed by the project consortium;
Regional cooperation through social entrepreneurship among the WB6 youth is promoted;
A positive context is advocated for social entrepreneurship.
Local Structures

Capacity building for the Local Structure & ongoing support thought the program:

After the selection of the Local Structure, the GROUPE SOS Pulse will operate a five-day operational diagnostic within the Local Structure, in order to identify the need of the Local Structure in terms of methodologies and tools to support Young Social Entrepreneurs.
This diagnosis will be used to develop the support program content and methodologies that will be implemented during the Ideation and Incubation phase. This support program content and methodologies will be passed onto all the Local Structures during a five-day capacity building training for the Program Managers of the Local Structures.
During the overall project, the Local Structure will have a constant support from the WB6 Lab Project Managers for the implementation, monitoring and reporting of the program. The WB6 Lab Project Managers will be the direct interlocutors with the Local Structure Program Manager.
Funding Information

Sample Proposals
A total amount of 41.050 euros for the two phases of the project will be granted for each Local Structure. It will cover the activities carried out by the Program Manager of the selected Local Structure, as part of the WB6 Lab project:
36 400€ are allocated to the recruitment of a Program Manager.
4 050€ are allocated to conduct the workshops on design-thinking applied to social entrepreneurship.
600€ are allocated to the organization of two demo days to conclude the ideation phases.
The envelope of 41 050€ will strictly be allocated to expenses described above, in this way, no budget set up is required from the applicant in this call for applications.
Grant offer to the Social Entrepreneurs: Each social entrepreneurship project selected during the Demo Day will benefit from a 2.500 euros mobility grant.
Selection Criteria

Be a legal entity established in one of the WB6, a minimum of one year prior to the launch of this Call for Applications;
Have a sustainable and viable economic model; the candidate should prove its sustainable financial situation.
Be (or have the will to become) a social entrepreneurship institution (incubator, association house, NGO, etc.)
For more information, visit https://www.rycowb.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/WB6-Lab-Call-for-Application-Local-Structures-1.pdf

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