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Funding Opportunity: Bolstering Security and Defense (Luxembourg)

Funding Opportunity: Bolstering Security and Defense (Luxembourg)

Deadline: 15-May-23

The Public Diplomacy Section (PD) of the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg, U.S. Department of State, announces an open competition for organizations to submit applications to carry out programs strengthening bilateral ties between the United States and Luxembourg on Bolstering Security and Defense.

The U.S. Embassy Luxembourg invites proposals from non-governmental organizations, think tanks, government institutions, academic institutions, and individuals for programs strengthening the bilateral ties between the United States and Luxembourg and supporting Bolstering Security and Defense, including, but not limited to:

  • Programs that raise awareness and increase support for U.S.-Luxembourg defense cooperation, with an emphasis on NATO, defense spending, and defense modernization
  • Programs to counter disinformation, misinformation, and malign influence as threats to democracy as well as those that promote and improve media literacy in Luxembourg.
  • Programs that raise awareness and support for increased information sharing and cooperation in law enforcement and intelligence, with an emphasis on cyber security and countering ideologically motivated violent extremism.
  • Projects that support addressing global challenges through building strong global alliances, for example through: NATO, the United Nations, and other multi-lateral institutions and forums.
Funding Information
  • Length of performance period: Twelve months
  • Award amounts: Awards may range from a minimum of $3,000.00 to a maximum of $15,000.00.
Participants and Audiences
  • The program participants and primary audience must include majority Luxembourgers.
  • All applicants for awards must identify their target audience and estimate the expected audience reach through indirect contact via social media, traditional media, or online meeting platforms.

Priority Region: Luxembourg.

Eligibility Criteria
  • The following organizations are eligible to apply:
    • U.S. or Luxembourgish not-for-profit, including think tanks and civil society/nongovernmental organizations.
    • Public and private educational institutions.
    • Public international organizations and governmental institutions.
    • Individuals (note that for-profit organizations are not eligible for this notice of funding opportunity. By extension, this means that an employee or owner of a for-profit organization may not apply as an individual solely to circumvent this restriction. If applying as an individual, you must include in your application an explanation of why you are uniquely qualified as an individual applicant.)
    • U.S. organizations applying for funding must partner with a Luxembourgish organization.
  • Please note that theywill not fund the following:
    • Trade Shows,
    • Programs relating to partisan political activity,
    • Charitable or development activities,
    • Construction programs,
    • Fund-raising campaigns,
    • Scientific research,
    • Personal use,
    • Lobbying for specific legislation,
    • Programs intended primarily for the growth or institutional development of the organization,
    • Programs that duplicate existing programs, or
    • Alcohol.

For more information, visit Bolstering Security and Defense.

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