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Funding Call to improve the Understanding, Mitigation or Remediation of Plastic Waste and Pollution in Canada

Funding Call to improve the Understanding, Mitigation or Remediation of Plastic Waste and Pollution in Canada

Deadline: 2 March 2020

Government of Canada is seeking applications for its Zero Plastic Waste Initiative with an aim to effect change across the plastics lifecycle to increase waste collection, improve value recovery, and prevent and remove plastic pollution.

10+ Funders for Agriculture, Food and Nutrition
10+ Global Donors for Improving Lives of Children in Poor Countries
10+ Donors that believe in building NGO capacities for Civil Society Development
15+ Donors for Saving the Planet: Grants for Environment, Conservation and Wildlife
It supports projects that use innovative approaches leading to measurable, positive impacts to reduce plastic waste and pollution in Canada.


Projects must improve the understanding, mitigation or remediation of plastic waste and pollution in Canada. They must clearly demonstrate activities that are measurable and will contribute to the implementation of Canada’s zero plastic waste vision. This includes their commitments under the Ocean Plastics Charter and Canada-wide Strategy on Zero Plastic Waste.

20+ Donors standing up for Human Rights and Equality
10+ International Donors seeking to improve Access to Water, Hygiene and Sanitation
20+ Global Donors for Empowering Women and Girls
25+ Donors for the Empowerment of Youth
Funding Information

Projects are eligible for funding up to a maximum of $250,000 over its full duration, and must have a minimum ask of at least $25,000.

Geographic location

All projects must take place in Canada. They will strive for geographical representation across Canada.

Eligible Projects

All projects must clearly demonstrate activities that will help to capture and remove plastic pollution or prevent plastic waste from entering the environment. They must reflect at least one of the following priority areas:
deploying and evaluating innovative solutions to capture and remove plastic pollution throughout the environment, including freshwater, marine and terrestrial environments
targeting plastic leakage points and problematic / commonly littered items to decrease the release of plastic pollution
capacity building through advancing citizen science initiatives related to the lifecycle of plastics, or plastic pollution and its removal
Ineligible Projects

Sample Proposals
citizen shoreline clean-ups
projects specifically targeting fishing gear including removal or innovative design or the design, recovery and recycling of boats
projects solely focused on education and awareness
Eligibility Criteria

Eligible groups include:

domestic or international not-for-profit organizations such as charitable and volunteer organizations, professional associations and non-governmental organizations
domestic or international Indigenous organizations, governments, individuals, boards, commissions, communities, associations and authorities such as:
Indigenous not-for-profit organizations
District councils, Chiefs councils and Tribal councils
Indigenous research, academic and educational institutions
Indigenous for-profit organizations
domestic or international research, academic and educational institutions
domestic or international for-profit organizations such as small businesses with less than 500 employees, companies, corporations, industry associations and agricultural organizations
local organizations such as community associations and groups, seniors’ and youth groups and service clubs
provincial, territorial, municipal and local governments and their agencies.
For more information, visit https://www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/services/environmental-funding/programs/zero-plastic-waste-initiative.html

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