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Funding available to support Foreign Estonian Cultural Societies

Funding available to support Foreign Estonian Cultural Societies

Deadline: 2-Jun-23

The Integration Foundation is offering grants to contribute to the preservation and development of the Estonian language and culture through the activities of Estonian cultural societies operating abroad, to the mediation of Estonian cultural events, and to the formation of a sense of unity with the Estonian state in Estonian communities abroad.

Funding Information
  • The maximum amount of support requested is 4,000 euros per application.
Expected Results
  • Traditions related to the Estonian language and cultural heritage are viable among the diaspora;
  • As a result of organizing cultural events of the expatriate community, the feeling of belonging to the Estonian state has been strengthened;
  • Educational days related to Estonian cultural heritage are held for different age groups;
  • There is cultural exchange between Estonian cultural groups and creative people with foreign Estonian communities;
  • Foreign Estonian cultural groups participate in cultural events taking place in Estonia;
  • Foreign Estonian choirs, orchestras, folk dance groups and performance circles have been guided by professional instructors participating in the process of the Estonian Song and Dance Festival;
  • Foreign Estonian choir and dance directors receive advanced training in Estonia;
  • Events introducing modern Estonian culture and Estonian culture days will take place in Estonian communities abroad with the participation of local Estonian performers and collectives;
  • Contact and information seminars for Estonians abroad are organized;
  • There is an exchange of information between Estonians living in Estonia and abroad;
  • Information materials aimed at communities abroad are prepared and printed.
Supported Activities
  • Support is given to a project, the implementation of which contributes to the achievement of the goals and results specified:
    • cultural events are organized in foreign Estonian communities;
    • cultural exchange of Estonian cultural groups and creative people with Estonian communities abroad is organized;
    • study days related to Estonian cultural heritage and traditional culture are organized for different age groups;
    • contact and information seminars are organized at the level of Estonian centers and associations abroad, as well as at the level of the Estonian state, municipalities, cultural organizations and non-governmental organizations;
    • participate in major events of Estonian culture, regional song days and folklore festivals;
    • continuing education of foreign Estonian choir and dance leaders and members is implemented;
    • exchange of information on Estonian cultural groups and events abroad is organized, including information materials are prepared and printed.
  • Support shall not be granted to a project whose activities have been completed or fully implemented before the application is submitted.
Eligibility Criteria
  • The applicant may be a private legal entity registered in Estonia, a self-employed person registered in the business register or a private legal entity registered in a foreign country in accordance with the rules of the country of residence.
  • The applicant must meet the following requirements:
    • his area of activity according to the articles of association or according to the corresponding register of the country of residence is preservation of the Estonian language and culture;
    • he has no tax or payment debt to the country of residence or it has been postponed;
    • he is not in bankruptcy, liquidation or forced termination according to the law of the country of residence;
    • in the event that the support grantor has previously made a decision to reclaim the support, he must not have the support due to be repaid by the deadline;
    • he does not have a debt for submitting a report and other unfulfilled obligations to the grantor.

For more information, visit Integration Foundation.

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